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Nexus One sales dramatically less than DROID or 1st-gen iPhone

Google were always taking a risk by trying to sell the Nexus One direct to consumers rather than through more traditional carrier partnerships, and it looks like that risk hasn't paid off. According to analytics specialists Flurry - who you might remember from previous Android-related stats - Google has sold just 135,000 Nexus One handsets after 74 days of availability. In comparison, Flurry point to the original iPhone and the Motorola DROID, which sold 1m and 1.05m respectively in their own respective first 74 days of availability. Of course, both of those devices were launched with strong carrier partners and in-store availability, while the Nexus One was offered with T-Mobile USA and online-only. Does that make the Nexus One a sales failure?  Or has the smartphone fulfilled its task: to act as a halo product for Google and spur on their other hardware partners to offer improved devices with newer versions of Android?  Let us know what you think in the comments. [via Business Insider]

Verizon Nexus One on sale imminently?

Some people won't be happy until Google's Nexus One is running on Verizon's CDMA network, and while the search giant have confirmed that such a variant is in the works, they haven't made the exact timescale for its release public.  Now, according to a report in a Chinese newspaper, HTC have begun shipping CDMA versions to Verizon, in preparation for a launch this month or in April. The handset is expected to offer exactly the same functionality as the existing GSM Nexus One, only replace the UMTS/HSPA modem with a CDMA version.  However it's not believed to be a so-called world phone; i.e. it isn't expected to include both CDMA and UMTS/HSPA connectivity for worldwide roaming use. The paper also suggests that HTC will ship the GSM version of the Nexus One to European carrier Vodafone "soon".  The UK arm of the carrier put up a new information page for the handset in their "coming soon" section last Friday. [via DigiTimes]

Nexus One gets Vodafone UK pre-register option

It's no surprise that Vodafone are set to offer the Google Nexus One, what we haven't known so far is when it might be arriving or how much the Android 2.1 smartphone will cost.  Still no figures or exact dates, but Vodafone UK have updated their Coming Soon page with a "register for updates" option for the Nexus One. So far all the listing says is that the Nexus One is coming soon, though we previously heard from a UK paper that the launch would take place in April 2010.  As for pricing, a leaked Vodafone Germany document suggested that the subsidized handset would come in at €149.90 (£136).  We wouldn't be surprised to see the Nexus One hit the UK from free on high-priced contracts, however. [Thanks Andy!]

Official Google Nexus One batteries on sale now

Looking for some extra juice for your Nexus One, but won't allow anything non-Google-sanctioned near your precious smartphone?  Google have added spare batteries for the Android 2.1 smartphone to their online store, with each 1,400 mAh pack priced at $25. They're identical to the standard battery that comes with the phone, and are rated for up to 10hrs 2G talktime or 7hrs 3G talktime.  Right now they're limited to a maximum of five units per order, and it's worth remembering that they ship from the US so international deliveries might be expensive. [via Twitter]

Android Mail mix-up: is your email getting garbled?

I'm having issues with my Android email, and it looks like I'm not the only one.  Since using a Motorola MILESTONE and a Google Nexus One, I've experienced an odd problem where, periodically, the handsets' native email client will begin to mix up email headers - the sender and subject - with body text from other messages. A quick online search shows I'm not alone; support forums for both individual devices like the Motorola DROID and the Nexus One, together with general Android forums, are peppered with users having problems with mixed-up mail.  While I'm trying to use Android's native Exchange support, others are having similar issues with POP and IMAP accounts.  Some users have problems with the date on emails, with email claiming to have arrived in 1969.` The only solution, at present, appears to involve removing the errant account and re-adding it to the phone, wiping all data in the process.  Sometimes merely deleting the account isn't enough, and you have to dig through the settings to manually wipe archive remnants.  I've had the problem appear twice on the Nexus One, and it happened at least once on the MILESTONE (the European version of the DROID); other owners have been less fortunate, and have had almost daily errors. Before the Nexus One, my daily-driver was another Android device, the HTC Hero, though I used a third-party app for email as HTC's Mail client didn't support our Exchange-compliant server.  As far as I can tell, though, the issue has mainly come to light with Android 2.x; the MILESTONE I've been testing is running OS 2.0 while the Nexus One is on OS 2.1. I'm planning to test out a third-party Mail replacement - I also want Exchange calendar support, which frustratingly 2.x still can't manage - to try to work around the problem, but it's galling to have to pay for extra software when the advertised functionality lets you down.  Anyone else finding email on their Google phone is causing headaches?

Nexus One tipped for Vodafone UK in April

The Daily Telegraph has detailed that the Nexus One will be coming to Vodafone UK, via only, and confirms what the company announced before.  Actual sources aren’t listed but the news site says that those close to both companies have confirmed a very likely April launch.

Vaja Google Nexus One leather case Winners Has Been Announced

These are some exciting times here at AndroidCommunity. Our top dog Vincent(CoFounder) of AndroidCommunity made an announcement at the beginning of the moth that he would be giving away a few Vaja Google Nexus One leather cases. Ever since then we all have been stalking the thread day and night hoping that our name will be pulled out the proverbial hat. Well it finally happened last night.

HTC Desire vs. Google Nexus One

The Desire has been one of the biggest announcements as far as upcoming Android handsets. It was almost instantly referred to as the Nexus One with Sense UI. How would HTC attract buyers to this phone when it has the same form factor as the Nexus One? Our friends over at Slashgear has done a hands on comparision of the two.

Google originally planned Nexus One to be made by Sony Ericsson

So  Sony Ericsson’s Chief Executive Bert Norberg has told a Swedish publication that Google wanted Sony Ericsson to build the Android-running, Snapdragon-powered smartphone, the vaunted Nexus One.  As CEO Norberg revealed,  Sony Ericsson had actually turned down the request, claiming that they were only loyal to Sony Ericsson (themselves) and to stick with making their own in-house hardware.
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