Google Nexus 3

What do YOU want in a “Nexus 4G” device?

What we've come to understand this morning via a report coming from a source speaking with BGR is that we've got a new Nexus device on the way by the name of - possibly - Nexus 4G. This device they say is the next in line to be the hero device for Android's continuously evolving mobile operating system. This particular iteration will be called Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a system which you can explore via our coverage from its revealing swoop back at Google I/O. This device would be the next step in a line that began with the Nexus One, headed off in a couple other directions that included the first tablet iteration of Android, Honeycomb, in the Motorola XOOM, and has most recently landed in two forms as the Nexus S and the Nexus S 4G, both holding Android 2.3 Gingerbread in its purest form. What we've found today is that the leak from a couple weeks ago of a rather sparse looking phone from HTC might not be far from the truth - BGR's supposed source may well have the specs that connects this device to reality.

Google Nexus 4G Details [BREAKING – Next Generation Ice Cream Sandwich Device]

So you'd like to know what you're waiting for next, yes? You'd like to get yourself the newest and greatest phone but you're hesitant on grabbing the Galaxy S II and you just can't bring yourself to get that Sensation, yes? Lucky you, someone leaked some information to BGR, and now we're passing that information on to you, about the next NEXUS device. That is, the next device Google will be participating in closely to bring you the next level of Android in its purest vanilla form. This device may be called the Nexus 4G, and it may well be the most powerful and awe-inspiring Android we've seen yet. Do read on!

LG leaked phone teaser could be the Nexus 3

Uh oh here we go again. A new photo has been released or leaked showing what seems to be a very sleek and shiny new phone from LG. It looks pretty darn similar to the leak of the HTC Nexus 3 that we posted about last week then later revealed to be a fake. According to the source this came from someone at LG so it could be a highly reliable photo.

Nexus 3 was a Fake, Hearts Break

Well people the internet over were skeptical. I personally wanted it to be true, but it turns out that the supposed leaked image of the Nexus 3 was indeed a fake. As several people have noticed, there do appear to be signs on the image which would tend to indicate a photoshop job. The site responsible for the leak has apologized and explained that their source, whom they believed to be a Google employee, was in fact not. It was fun while it lasted, now we go back to awaiting the real Nexus 3.