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Whenever you need news or information, the first thing you do is get your smartphone or tablet and open your most favorite app. Perhaps it's Facebook to check your news feed or Twitter for what's trending. Others go directly to news sites or open news apps to know what's the latest. While news and information are easily available, there is the question of accuracy, truthfulness, and quality. The problem today is not access to news but how reliable a source is.

Google updates News and Weather app to look like Google Now

In keeping up with the transformation of its basic apps into their “Material” design language, Google has now updated the look of its News and Weather app. The panel and card-type design now makes the app, which is built-in for some devices, look like Google Now. It also seems to be more competitive now with other news apps like Flipboard, News360 and even Google’s own Google Play Newsstand.

Google News tablet reading experience improved

We are seeing more and more tablet friendly updates rolling out. In fact, it was just a few minutes back when we mentioned the availability of the updated New York Times app. And yes, that update brought a tablet friendly user interface. Moving past the New York Times though, we are now looking towards Google and the improved Google News experience.