Google Music

Google Music signs deals with European music publishers

Google has reached licensing deals with representatives of European music publishers, artists and composers. This deal will give Google Music access to 5.5 million musical works. These songs span a total of 35 countries, which opens up a ton of options for Google. The deal with Armonia, the alliance of French, Italian and Spanish licensing groups, is considered the broadest of its kind.

Google Music Fall Flash Sale offering fresh albums for $2.99

Is it just us or does it seem like Google is having a sale on music on a daily basis? Every time you head to the Play Store you'll be greeted with a few new albums for $3.99 and sometimes even less. This time around the sales are impressive though. Their Amazon approach offering free daily songs, good deals, and low prices should hopefully be helping Google Play Music grow. Today they've announced a new "Flash Sale" offering fall classics for just $2.99 per album.

Woz would love to see iTunes running on his Android phone

For an Android site, we sure have been writing about Steve Wozniak a lot lately. First we got to take a look inside his travel backpack and see all of his gadgets, then we heard him saying that he didn't agree with the highly publicized Apple-Samsung verdict. Now, thanks to a new Q&A session at Slashdot, we're finding out a lot more about him in general. Woz answered a bunch of different questions during the Q&A session, but a few of his answers in particular stick out.

Google Play Music updated, UI and album art take center stage

Google has released an update for the free Google Play Music app, touting that this new version is now "harder, better, faster, stronger" in a nice little homage to Daft Punk. Version 4.3.606 of the Google Play Music app adds a reworked user interface, with transport controls now appearing on the action bar. It addition to the tweaked UI, this update also adds new Now Playing functionality, allowing users to queue up and rearrange songs.

Google is re-working the Google Play authorization system

The Android world was somewhat up in arms today after discovering new limitations on Google Play Music, namely that you could only de-authorize up to four devices every year. This put those who often flash new phone or tablet ROMs in a bind, since an active flasher could run through his or her quota in a couple of months. The small but extremely vocal portion of Android users that this affects made their opinions known, and Google seems to have removed the limitation for the moment.
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