Google Music

Google Play Music updated, UI and album art take center stage

Google has released an update for the free Google Play Music app, touting that this new version is now "harder, better, faster, stronger" in a nice little homage to Daft Punk. Version 4.3.606 of the Google Play Music app adds a reworked user interface, with transport controls now appearing on the action bar. It addition to the tweaked UI, this update also adds new Now Playing functionality, allowing users to queue up and rearrange songs.

Google is re-working the Google Play authorization system

The Android world was somewhat up in arms today after discovering new limitations on Google Play Music, namely that you could only de-authorize up to four devices every year. This put those who often flash new phone or tablet ROMs in a bind, since an active flasher could run through his or her quota in a couple of months. The small but extremely vocal portion of Android users that this affects made their opinions known, and Google seems to have removed the limitation for the moment.

Google Play Music limits device deauthorizations

If you're a user of Google Play Music that has multiple devices, you're likely familiar with the fact that you may have to deauthorized devices on your account when it starts to get full to be able to add more. If you're the sort who tends to flash your Android device with lots of different ROMs, you may run afoul of a Google Play Music limitation some are unaware of. The service is actually limiting the number of deauthorizations on each account.

Google trial shows first revenue numbers from Android

As the Google and Oracle trail continues we just keep seeing loads of interesting information regarding Google -- and more specifically Android. You could call this a treasure chest of information. While Google's earning calls quarterly always discusses revenue company-wide, this is showing earnings and numbers specific to Android.

Unofficial desktop Google Music Player available for Windows

Google Music is gaining momentum, and it's a great way to access your music collection. But one thing it's missing over the likes of iTunes is a desktop component - after all, plugging in your Android phone to your desktop speakers or going to the Google Music Website isn't always an ideal solution. Thankfully, DeviantArt user Victor Alberto Gil has created a desktop interface for the service. If you're a Windows user, you can download and run it now.

DoubleTwist adds support for Google Music and separate Alarm Clock app

DoubleTwist burst onto the Android scene as an alternative and bridge for iTunes, but now that Google sells its own tunes, they're getting with the program. The DoubleTwist app can now recognize music from the Google Play Music service and plays them back through its app alongside any of the standard MP3s or other songs you've got stored on your Android devices' internal storage or SD card. There's just one hitch: like Cloud Music Sniper, the updated app can only "see" the music you've selected for offline access in the Google Music  app.

Google Play Music to get Labs features soon

For all Google Music's charms and its drawbacks, there's still places where it could improve. According to Google Operating System, it soon will: Google Play Music is set to get a Labs function, just like a handful of other Google services like Gmail and the Android browser. You can see a placeholder section for the Labs experimental features right now, though at the moment it's empty. The folks at Google Operating System dug around the HTML and CSS code for this and other pages and got a pretty good idea of what's in store.
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