Google Music

Google Play Music, Movies and TV updated with Chromecast support

Google didn't just announce the new Nexus 7 today at their event, they also announced a brand new unheard of device called the Chromecast. Being able to instantly "cast" and stream YouTube, Netflix, music, Google Chrome tabs and more all from any device to our TVs. It's an awesome little accessory, available today, and apps are already getting updated with full Chromecast support.

Verizon hands out 6 months free Google Music All Access with new DROID phones

In case you missed the crazy announcements earlier this morning, Verizon and Motorola revealed three brand new DROID smartphones to grace the big red network. Full of Android 4.2, gesture and voice controls, and 4G LTE the new DROID Mini, ULTRA, and DROID MAXX are available come August 20th. One important "deal" they briefly mentioned we wanted to highlight was the free Google Music All Access subscription.
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