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Google Play Music, Movies and TV updated with Chromecast support

Google didn't just announce the new Nexus 7 today at their event, they also announced a brand new unheard of device called the Chromecast. Being able to instantly "cast" and stream YouTube, Netflix, music, Google Chrome tabs and more all from any device to our TVs. It's an awesome little accessory, available today, and apps are already getting updated with full Chromecast support.

Google Play Movies update brings info card support on tablets

Google Play Movies has recently been updated and amongst the new features is one that will be available only for tablet users. The tablet specific change brings info card badges. Basically, those watching with the Play Movies app will now be able to press pause and get details about the movie. The information will include goodies such as details about the actors, related films and even what song happens to be playing in the movie.

Google Movie ‘The Internship’ debut trailer released

Yesterday the folks from Google teamed up with the co-stars from Wedding Crashers Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn and held a Google+ hangout session. It was hosted by the one and only Conan O'Brien to debut the official trailer for their brand new movie. It isn't Google's movie but it's what many are now calling the "Google Movie" and both stars will be playing interns at Google.

Google Play Books and Movies now available in Brazil

Our good friends at Google have been hard at work bringing many of their music, books, and movies options to multiple parts of the world and today they've added one more. Overnight Google rolled out their Play Store Books and Movies to Brazil, and let everyone know with a quick post to Google+. Sadly Brazil is still waiting for Google Music, but this is the first step to bringing them more of Google's services.

Google updates YouTube and Nexus Q apps

Google has issued a set of updates for multiple applications today, and a few were worth mentioning. First up was Google Movies & TV, but that wasn't anything special. The important ones are YouTube and the Nexus Q companion app. YouTube was updated to version 4.0 for ICS+ devices, same goes for many older devices too. Along with both updates YouTube now fully supports the Nexus Q.

Google Movies now available in Australia

One of the more constant complaints we get about Android and Google as a whole is that their media services (among other things) are often aimed squarely at the US, with barely a thought to users outside of North America. But lately the Big G has been making strides towards a more global selection of digital content, and Australia is the latest beachhead for their cinematic invasion. Google Australia reports that the Google Movies section of the Google Play Store is now live down under, on both Android and the web.
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