Google Maps

Google now pushing “new” Google Maps to all desktops

Google has announced they are beginning to push the latest Google Maps refresh. This was originally shown during Google I/O 2013, and has been available in preview mode since shortly after. With that in mind, while some have already been using the preview release, Google has said thanks for the feedback, and announced they are "ready to make the new Maps even more widely available."

Google Maps 7.5 update brings Gmail integration

Google has recently begun rolling out a new version of Maps. This one bumps the version from 7.4 to 7.5 and it looks like it has brought Gmail integration. While Google has yet to offer a full changelog for this update, reports are beginning to surface. To that point, the mention of Gmail integration comes by way of the folks at Android Police who have offered a bit on how it all works.

Google Offers can now be discovered in Google Maps

Recently, Google took Offers away from the Groupon model and simply made it a portal for savings. Rather than pay for an offer which may or may not be redeemed, Google decided to simply make Offers available like coupons: save it to your device, then have it scanned when you go to the store. Now, that functionality will get a little richer with Maps integration.
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