Google Maps

Google Maps Now on all Mobile Browsers

So you've tried to access Google Maps from your web browser on your handheld device before and you've been miffed. They've told you that you'd have to access such a thing via an app that you've have to download, yes? Well no more, ladies and gentlemen, no more indeed. Google's looked at their statistics (as they certainly do every single hour of every single day) and they've found that 40% of Google Maps usage is done from mobile devices. Because they want everyone to have a consistent Google Maps experience wherever they go and having an app compared to the browser version just wasn't good enough, they've made the mobile version work with flying colors.

Android tracks users too [Report]

Fresh on the heals of controversy that Apple's iPhone 4 OS collects location data on users, a recent report shows that Google's Android system performs the same spying functions. Security experts have found that the Android OS collects location based data every few seconds and transmits it to Google several times an hour. In addition to a user's location, the Android OS also catalogs a user's name, signal strength of nearby hotspots, and the phone's unique identifier. The idea is to triangulate a user's location in proximity to local WiFi networks in order to push location based advertising.

Google Maps 5.3 adds Latitude Location History, custom Places reviews

Google has updated Google Maps for Android to v5.3, introducing the new Google Location History dashboard. Working with Latitude's Location History, the new info pane shows your recent locations as well as how long you've spent at work, at home or simply out and about. As always, you can delete your location history either partially or completely, and it's only visible by users themselves or the people they share their location with. There's a new "check in at home" feature, too. Finally, Google Places with Hotpot now allows you to add your own rating category, so you can leave custom feedback. The Google Maps update is available via the Android Market for devices running 1.6 or higher.

Google Maps enjoys 150 million mobile users a year

Speaking at the annual geek confab known as South by Southwest, Google VP Marissa Mayer announced that Google Maps is being used by over 150 million mobile map users, about 40% of the apps' usage.  In addition, mobile users looking to get around used Google Maps as their Google Maps app to navigate over 12 billion miles in the last year.  Mayer went on to say that thanks to Google's new traffic routing feature, users are saving about 2 years worth of time every day rerouting their driving to get by bad traffic.  Many of the features of Google Maps for Android aren't yet available for the iPhone, but Mayer says that while that will eventually change, Google goes to the Android platform first because Android obviously has a larger audience (course, the fact that Google powers the Android OS has nothing to do with it, right?).

Google Maps for Android updates – now with rerouting

Google has updated to it's popular Google Maps app which relies on both historical and current traffic data to plan routs and offer alternates. The previous version, could advise drivers of bad traffic ahead and offer a shortest alternative, but often times, the shortest route wasn't always the fastest. The new version will offer three alternatives, the distance of each route and the projected time it takes to transit the detour.

Google Maps Updated to Support New Latitude Check-In Features

Google Maps is by far the most used maps application on the Android Platform, it offers up the most refined user experience and even some features that are usually cost a premium. Well, the application has just been updated to version 5.1.0, and with the update many new features have been added.

Why Google Latitude is About to Crush FourSquare

If you'll take a look below at a bit of the description of the new features on Google Latitude, a close relative of Google Maps, you'll see that its coming rather close to, and in some cases stepping right on the feet of, the mecha-social-monster Foursquare and their social media game. By the numbers, there were 381,576,305 check-ins during the year 2010, all of them on Foursquare, this same year seeing a growth in users by 3400%. Altogether there have been over 6,000,000 people to sign up for Foursquare since its inception in March 11, 2009. Google Latitude boasts 10,000,000 users participating each and every month.

Nexus S in Space at 100,000 FT – with Android Toy!

You might be aware that a few days ago some students from the University of California teamed up with Google Engineers to send a Nexus S into space. What you might not know is there's super cute video to go with - and what went into space with the handset? At least one cute little vinyl plastic Android toy - Hooray! Check out the full video of this fun team jamming payloads 100,000 ft above the earth, handsets running Google Maps for Mobile 5.0, Google Sky Map, Latitude, and the teams own custom sensor logging app.

Google Maps 5 Available Now in the Market [Updated with Video]

We had already seen it shown off at LeWeb 2010, and then again by Google, but all that did was make us want it more. Finally, Google has officially released the latest, and truthfully greatest, version of Google Maps for the Android platform. You can download it right now in the Market, as long as you have an Android powered handset that's running Android 2.0 or later. Just in time for that Nexus S launch, right?

Maps 5.0 on the Nexus S Demoed by Google

Google has just posted a walkthrough of the new Maps 5.0 running on the Nexus S to its official YouTube page. The video gives a 2:30 minute look at the new Google Maps including the full 3D maps that it offers.