Google Maps

Google Maps update brings Live Events to Google Places

Google is at it again today with another quite fancy update to Google Maps. While this might not be as big as 3D buildings or transit navigation in some of the recent updates they do have a cool new feature for those that like to get out and have some fun in the town. Today Google's update adds a notification to Google Places for live events going on nearby. So your next trip to San Fransisco you can quickly and easily find something fun to do.

Google Maps updated to support NFC and different screen resolutions

Google isn't wasting any time it seems, Google Maps has just received an update in the market adding a few notable features just in time for the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich. First off, the size of Google Maps will now be smaller or larger based on device screen resolution. Devices with qHD or Galaxy Nexus 1280 x 800 resolution displays will have a different, larger download to support the higher resolution on the display and older devices will see smaller download sizes and times.

TeleNav GPS Navigator 7.1 update coming soon

Our friends from TeleNav are all set to launch the new and improved GPS Navigator version 7.1 for Android devices soon. TeleNav has been working hard to bring the most wanted and requested features to the popular navigation tool and this update will do just that. First available for WiMAX devices it will soon follow to other carriers and options as TeleNav comes pre-loaded with many popular smartphones available today. See below for a list of all the newly announced features and more.

Google Maps update adds mobile Places photo uploads

Google Maps for Android has been updated, tweaking the mapping appearance and adding the ability to add photos to places listings while mobile. Google Maps v5.1 introduces an "Add a photo" button next to the "Check in here" option in individual business listings, allowing you to choose from an existing picture or snap a new one with your phone's camera. Those uploaded images are then included in the gallery of shots stored for each listing. The change follows news of Google's acquisition of Zagat, the restaurant rating company, yesterday, which is expected to be integrated into the range of location-based services offered on Android handsets. For now, though, it's user-generated reviews that take center stage, with this new feature allowing you to show exactly what you ate and where you ate it, rather than describe it. You can update your Android phone to Google Maps v5.1 through the Android Market. [gallery]

Top 10 Android Apps Account for 43 Percent of All Activity

The fine folks at Nielsen over at Nielsen Wire have done some calculating and have found a couple of interesting statistics. First, and perhaps most obviously, from what Nielsen Smartphone Analytics have come up with after metering thousands of Android smartphones, the average Android smartphone user spends 67% of their on-device time, or 56 minutes per day, on apps, while 33% of their smartphone time is spent on the mobile web. This is of course an average person who only spends about an hour and a half on their device a day, a figure I'm sure all of you trump before breakfast is over.

Google Maps Updated, Download Map Data Before You Travel

Google Maps has just received another update in the Android Market and some exciting and useful new features have been added. GPS stop-by-stop public transit directions is a big feature and currently in beta, a great help for you city goers that use public transit daily. The feature I like but doesn't seem widely mentioned is the new download map area option under Google Labs.

Google Maps Now Rates Restaurants

Google is pushing a relatively small update to Google Maps today to enhance its "Places" feature. 'Best Ever' ratings, as the update dubs them, will help you decide what restaurant in the area to go to. This may be small, but is a useful update in Google's quest to "organize and make available the world's information."

Google Maps Now Knows When Your Bus is Late

At least it does if you live in one of the six cities Google has so far partnered with. Boston, Portland, San Diego, and San Francisco, as well as Madrid and Turin across the pond, have all worked with Google to include a real-time schedule of their public transit systems in the latest version of Google Maps. This update brings peace of mind to commuters previously left waiting at stops, with just the knowledge of when their bus should have arrived.