Google Maps

Google Maps updated with elevation data and scale bar

If you're a Google Maps user and a hiker, mountain climber or just a data junkie, you'll want to update the app in the Google Play Store now. Two features previously restricted to Labs have graduated to the full app, and another has been added. The most interesting stuff is still happening in the Labs section, with the newly revised Measure feature allowing you to see elevation data. The new functions work with all current Android devices.

Google’s Floor Plan Marker improves indoor Google Maps

Google's indoor maps feature for Google Maps is a great idea, but implementing it will take more than waiting for Google's cameramobiles to drive around to your address (with the possible exception of the new Super Wal-Mart Drive-Thru). Business owners have been able to upload floorplans to Google Maps for some time now, but that still doesn't provide particularly accurate information without a lot of WiFi around. Enter the Floor Plan Marker, Google's official helper app for indoor Google Maps. You can download it from the Google Play Store right now.

Google Maps update adds preferred transit mode and new navigation menu

Google has just issued another update to their famous Google Maps today with even more support for HD displays like the Galaxy Nexus and other 720p and higher HD screens. Along with the update we also get some new features to Google Navigation. Previously we could get walking, driving, or biking directions but today they've added that same "preferred transit mode" option to Google Navigation. So now you can get full voice-guided navigation while driving or walking.

Google Maps Navigation menu updated with new UI

Though not a large update, Google went ahead and refreshed the UI for the Navigation menu within their Google Maps application. The ICS menu button has been taken out completely, and replaced with a much larger (easier to press) menu layout right above the ICS soft keys. After using it, you'll notice it feels much like the previous versions of Google Maps before Android 4.0.

Google updates Goggles and Maps with night mode and more

Google has just pushed two updates out for their popular Google Maps and Google Goggles apps. Bringing a few needed improvements to Goggles, and an awesome new night mode to Google Maps Navigation and more. We've snapped a few screenshots of the what's new page for those interested and have all the details below.

Navigate through CES with Google Maps

We were just messing around with Google Maps here at CES, and realized the entire CES complex is mapped in - booth to booth! For those of you that are going to be here at the show, there isn't a better way to navigate your way around. Sure, you could pick up a map - but then you'd have to find a place to pick it up. Let's just stick to Google Maps.

TeleNav announces web-based HTML 5 navigation service

Today the popular location-based service provider TeleNav has announced an HTML 5 browser-based navigation service for mobile devices. They've been a popular and widely used 3rd party navigation tool on Android for a long time and now their entire suite of location-based services are about to get even better, and easier to access.

Google Maps just got bigger, now available indoors at malls and airports

Google Maps received another large update today and while the new features are mostly still in beta they are available now for all to try. The update should be hitting devices in the market throughout the day and along with a few changes for navigation options we now have a completely new frontier for Google Maps -- indoors. Soon you'll be able to find the quickest route to the closest Starbucks at that huge airport so you can stay awake while headed to CES (which we'll be at live of course). More details below.