Google Labs

Google Field Trip app launches on the Play Store

Anyone in need of a virtual tour guide to take you on adventurous field trips? Google has you covered. Today Google has released a new app in partner with NianticLabs that is called "Field Trip" to be your virtual tour guide. The folks from Google simply explain it as, “your guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you.” Lets check out their video below.

Google Play Music to get Labs features soon

For all Google Music's charms and its drawbacks, there's still places where it could improve. According to Google Operating System, it soon will: Google Play Music is set to get a Labs function, just like a handful of other Google services like Gmail and the Android browser. You can see a placeholder section for the Labs experimental features right now, though at the moment it's empty. The folks at Google Operating System dug around the HTML and CSS code for this and other pages and got a pretty good idea of what's in store.

Google App Inventor Discontinued, Will Become Open Source Instead

Many of you may not know much about App Inventor. This was a tool that was very exciting when it was first announced by Google Labs and it was made available to the public last December in a beta test. Basically Google created a program that would help users with zero coding skills or knowledge of any sort to build Android applications using the App Inventor tool. This was one of many great things that came from Google Labs.

Google Labs Closes, Nothing Changes

It was the worst day in the history of the world this Wedesday, today if you're reading this post on the correct day, when Google announced that they'd be closing their Google Labs department. For some this was a sign of imminent doom because they'd been experimenting right alongside Google Labs since before GMail. But for others, no change would be happening. Which are you? Let's have a talk and see, shall we?

Google Gesture Search out for Android 2.x

Google has just released their gesture search application that we first saw demonstrated during last year’s Google I/O by Romain Guy. It was just a concept back then but now all Android users that have 2.0 or higher can now download this app from the market.

New Google Listen integrates with Google Reader

After being out for months with no update it seems like Google totally forgot about this app. Or, maybe they have been working on this updated version. Listen from Google Labs brings podcasts and web audio to your Android-powered device.

Google opens Nexus One phone support line, (888) 48NEXUS (63987)

It’s been ages (well, a month) since Google's official release of the Nexus One smartphone, and the deluge of N1 issues have lead to another Google initiative, a dedicated phone support line to solve the many dilemmas that Nexus One owners have been troubled with since the N1 launch.

Now, When Using Android, GTalk Status Icons Become Exactly that, Androids

Okay, so this one is cool, it could be fun for many, but it could also mean a privacy attack to many others. What am I talking about? Well, about the new way to identify if you are using Android or not. First, lets check the image below to see what this is about. Apparently, the way this works is; the green robot/android icon means you are online with Android. The green dot means that you are using regular Gmail chat. The orange robot means that you are using Android but currently away. And the red robot means you are a mad robot, no, I'm just joking, it means you are currently busy but still using Android. So there you have it folks, Google has name this the Turn on Green Robot, which is a new experiment in Gmail Labs. Cool, right? Well, like I mentioned before, many will find this as an attack to their privacy. Let us know in the comments what you think about it.

Google unveils audio search engine for Android

It makes sense with a smartphone to listen to lots of audio content. Audio content for many users isn't limited to music though. Podcasts are a big thing for many smartphone users and Google has unveiled a way to find even more podcasts to enjoy from your Android device. Google has announced Google Listen, described as an audio search engine and it acts as a podcast manager. Using the app, you can subscribe to audio feeds and download new content over the air. The app has its own search bar where you can enter a term for a type of podcast you are looking for.