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Ice Cream Sandwich – Full Google I/O Details

Lets begin this chat by noting that they certainly did not say a whole heck of a lot. At the first hour-long keynote speech of the conference, Google whipped through a plethora of news bits, Ice Cream Sandwich certainly not the one winning the attention contest. The greatest moment was the reveal of the excellent logo mark that'll be coming along with the update to Android, it and the name being a metaphor for exactly what the new system would be doing for the mobile OS: integrating it. Sandwiching it, if you will. It's going to be oh - so - tasty.

Entire Google I/O 2011 Keynote: Day One [VIDEO]

The first and undeniably most action-packed keynote from Google I/O 2011 is up now, covering what Google is calling their three Ms. In Momentum, they spoke about the power and speed of Android in how well it's doing in the world today, everything from 100 million activations and 4.5 billion installs of apps. Next in Mobile, they covered the newest upgrade for Android, version 3.1, the next step in Honeycomb for tablets and Google TV, Ice Cream Sandwich aka "one Android release everywhere," and more. The list continues and the video is up!

Nexus 3 Confirmed by Offhand Comment?

Man, it is not my favorite thing to do to be posting a rumor like this, especially when it can be construed to mean basically anything. Apparently when "asked about the Nexus 3" by Taylor from AndroidandMe, Andy Rubin noted the following: "The Nexus has been the thing that we used to set the bar, and there's always going to be new ones coming out in the market…we'll make an announcement at some point in the future." Wouldn't the man say the same thing if you asked him whether or not future versions of Android would be coming out?

Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 by Voting in [AC vs SG Unboxing War Number One!]

You know very well that unboxing videos are about the least interesting - yet necessary - posts we do here in the tech review business, and we know it too, so we thought we'd spice things up a bit with an unboxing that'll never be forgotten. A war! A big huge fight between Android Community and our sister site SlashGear. In Android Community's corner is our hero Ben Bajarin, in the brown shirt, unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. In SlashGear's corner is Vincent Nguyen in the red shirt, also unboxing...the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Who will win? Who will come out on top? And how does this all add up to you getting a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

music beta by Google Full Guide

Behold "music beta by Google," a new version of their Music Player app that you know so well. Note though, and don't be fooled: this isn't just a simple music player. It's a whole new ecosystem from browser to desktop to handheld device (and tablets, of course.) It all begins in your browser - signing up is as easy as logging in with your G-Mail account and you've instantly got the ability to grab free tracks (promoted tracks of course, you get to choose the genre,) followed by an available download of the app Music Manager for your desktop. Watch out iTunes, here Android comes.

Google I/O Keynote 1 Full Recap

Google I/O 2011 has officially kicked off with the very first keynote having ended just moments ago. Here's a quick recap of all the exciting revelations that have come so far including an update to the Android tablet OS called 3.1 Honeycomb, the confirmation of the much anticipated Gingerbread successor Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and much more. Continue after the cut for the full recap.

All 5,000 Google I/O Attendees Receive Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for free

Whoa, if the audience at Google I/O was excited by all the huge announcements, it was nothing compared to the craziness that followed this. Everyone attending the conference got a device of some great significance. This is the big deal, the huge one that makes for the future of the platform, the device given out is the one that takes the cake for the rest of the year - so what is it? A Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, a fully functional one, for every single one of the 5,000 attendees of the conference. This tab will be running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Update: We've got the tab, and have already had Vic Gundotra do an unboxing for us!

Guidelines for Device Updates Announced by Google for Android at Google I/O

Another huge move by Google that made the audience completely lose it was the announcement that they will soon be working with carriers around the USA and the UK to create guidelines for device updates. So why does that matter? Why should you care? This means that you'll now be able to KNOW what if your device will be getting updates in the future, instead of having to guess when the newest Android version will be coming to you, or even if it will before the end of the device's lifespan. In other words, this is basically the best news ever!

Android Ice Cream Logo Revealed, Features Detailed

At Google I/O in the very first keynote at on the very first day was a gigantic announcement set including no less than Ice Cream Sandwich being revealed in bits. The biggest best piece of this announcement was of course the logo - seen here and in the video below. What else does this new version of Android include? Not much thus far, most of the features being noted as available for Android 3.1 Honeycomb now, more than likely moving on with ICS down the line.

Google Adds Movies to Android Market

Google announced at Google I/O's first keynote that they'd be adding movies to their repertoire, allowing you to rent anywhere and watch movies anywhere. This feature is live at, and is available for Android 2.2 and higher. Users will have a choice of over 3,000 Hollywood feature videos. Rentals will start at $1.99.