Google Glasses

Google stacking up patents to protect Project Glass

Today Google's Project Glass is in the news yet again. After earlier we reported on CEO Larry Page wearing them during a conference today, we are now seeing loads of news that Google's protecting their latest creation with a wide array of patents. Since we all know Google didn't patent much with Android, they look to have learned their lesson and have been granted at least 9 new patents around Google Glass.

Project Glass shown off on video – Snaps photo with glasses

Google recently unveiled the much hyped Google Glasses and are calling it Project Glass. We've seen official videos from Google, and a few snapshots of Sergey Brin wearing them (link below) but today you can see them live on video with Google's Project X founder Sebastian Thrun. Apparently he even takes a photo and uploads it directly to Google+ all with Project Glass. I still want one!

Google’s Project Glass works with prescription glasses too

When Google and company unveiled their Project Glass (aka Google Glasses) it was met with tons of excitement, and a few funny user-made videos too. One question we saw asked multiple times here as well as multiple social networks was if it will work for those wearing glasses. People with prescriptions want in on the fun too. If you were worried don't be, today Google's released a mockup showing a new model working over prescription eyeglasses.

Project Glass spotted on Google’s Sergey Brin

What's the point of bein the co-founder of one of the biggest technology companies in the world if you can't try out the latest and greatest toys? Such is the case with Sergey Brin, the Russian-American engineer and entrepreneur who co-founded Google with its current CEO, Larry Page. Brin was spotted rocking what appears to be a working model of Project Glass, Google's ambitious wearable augmented reality display. Two photos of Brin and the "real" Project Glass were snapped by photographer Thomas Hawk.

Google Project Glass parody video shows you a new way to hurt yourself

Big news took the technology world by storm yesterday when Google released a teaser video of their upcoming Project Glass. The smart glasses that combine Android and Voice actions into real-life glasses. This wearable augmented reality platform is interesting to say the least, and a new parody video was just released that was so awesome we had to share. First you'll want to watch the original Google video right here.

Google’s smart glasses begin testing as Project Glass

Rumors of an augmented reality system from Google have persisted for a while, but Google's finally taken the wraps off of the project under the name "Project Glass". It's a wearable glasses-like device that presents a transparent screen, introducing an overlay of web-connected data to your everyday life. It's not a full pair of glasses as some expected - the transparent screen is a small strip that hangs above the user's right eye - but it looks like it either connects directly to the Internet over a mobile broadband connection or uses a tethered connection from a phone.

Google’s HUD glasses are still coming says NYT – sometime for some price

One of the more hush-hush projects from deep within the Google campus is reportedly a set of Android-powered heads-up display glasses, and they've been the talk of tech town for the last couple of months. Certain aspersions to Terminator were made, not to mention augmented reality. The New York Times was the original source for this rumor, and they've apparently got someone on the inside - but that someone seems to have an issue with specifics. The latest bit of news on the "Google Glasses" is that they'll come before the end of 2012, and at a price between $250 and $600 USD. Precision is our watchword, folks.

Rumor: Google’s Android-based HUD glasses getting public trials soon

We heard rumblings about a secret project deep within the bowels of Google back in December: that the company's skunkworks division, known as "Google X", was working on a heads-up display technology that runs on Android. Now 9to5Google is claiming more insider information, most importantly that the augmented reality  glasses will be seeing a public testing soon, in the same fashion that the CR-48 Chrome laptop was distributed in early 2011. The source claims that Google is still ironing out the details, but whatever the company does, it'll be "soon".
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