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Google Glass app brings augmented reality to Tesco grocery stores

The Google Glass wearable released in the UK back in June of 2014. There are groups who believe in the wearable as a strong product and has been trying to develop softwares for it. One of those groups is Tesco, a general UK grocer and retailer, who released their Google Glass Shopping App today.

Google Glass ban attracts attention for one Seattle bar

Google Glass has already been discussed in terms of privacy, and the potential lack thereof for the person that would be in presence of someone wearing the glasses. Of course, many could argue that the same could be said for many other things such as smartphones and even security cameras. But on that note, at least one Seattle business has taken a proactive approach and banned the glasses.

Google Glass app to recognize friends using motion and clothing

We saw some Google Glass information released directly from the source back in February. It was the Google created video that offered a look at 'How it Feels (through Glass)' and since then it seems the Glass related talk has accelerated. Since that point we have seen bits about Google Glass getting some style as well as a mock-up coming from Jet Blue and a parody coming by way of Amazon. As of today we have a bit more to think about in terms of Glass.

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses begin shipping to gold level developers

Vuzix has announced that they will soon be begin shipping the M100 Smart Glasses. These initial shipments will be heading towards developers, and while it would be nice to see this as an announcement for the everyday user -- this should have some perks for when that day does arrive. Basically, Vuzix has begun shipping the M100 Smart Glasses to developers so they will be able to "start creating and testing their apps on the real hardware."

Google Glass will tether through Android smartphones

Google Glass is going to be Google's 2013 game-changing phenomenon when it rolls out at the end of this year. The new accessory will be priced somewhere around $1500, meaning that the average consumer may opt against purchasing it. It offers a bunch of nifty features, like being able to do a quick search, navigating the streets via a turn-by-turn overlay, and being able to take pictures and record video with voice commands and/or a few button clicks.

Google Glass bone conduction technology referenced in FCC filing

As if Google Glass wasn't already cool enough, today we're finding out that it feature bone conduction technology. The glasses recently made an appearance at the FCC, and the filing for the project mentions "integral vibrating element that provides audio to the user via contact with the user's head." Of course, Google recently filed a patent for glasses that feature the tech, so it seems that bone conduction will definitely be a part of Project Glass.

Vuzix releases the M100 Smart Glasses SDK emulator for app testing

Vuzix began showing off their Google Glass competitor back in November. At the time they offered some details in terms of the glasses, mainly covering the specs and the fact that they would eventually be opening them up for developers. Simply put, Vuzix was planning to release an SDK that allowed to developers to create apps for the glasses. And well, Vuzix has released the beginning stages of the SDK today.

Google Project Glass to see rapid increase in testing

Google's been busy testing out some neat new gadgets that we all should know by know called Project Glass. These augmented reality type glasses allow users to do all sorts of fun things. This week it's been tipped directly from the FCC that not only is Google severely ramping up their testing, but they could be trying to get at least one version of Google Glass to pass the FCC by August of this year, not 2013.

Google Project Glass video sample revealed

Google's wasting no time showing off their new glasses that are for now being called Project Glass. You've probably seen plenty about them already but now we have actual video footage. Yes these awesome Google Glasses can take 720p video, and are looking better and better by the day. Did I mention yet that I want a pair like right this minute? Well I do!
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