Google Glass

Google addresses Glass “myths” in post

Google Glass has seen hard times lately. Between various talking heads positing the end of days for the wearable and more establishments banning it, Glass is gaining quite the reputation. In an attempt to quell fears and misunderstandings, the Glass team created a rather lengthy Google+ post about Glass.

Layar augmented reality app arrives for Google Glass

Layar has arrived for Google Glass. The app, simply called Layar for Glass is available by way of the Layar website. The release means another augmented reality view for Glass users and in the case of Layar, that will mean using the command; "Ok Glass, scan this" to get started.

Two bars in San Francisco ban Google Glass without actually naming it

Another pair of bars have banned Google Glass. This time, the wearble tech has been banned at a bar in the SoMa district of San Francisco, which many believed would be amiable to the technology. The second bar is owned by the same person, and in a different part of town. For Glass users in the Bay Area, there seems to be a growing list of places that aren't open to their wearable.
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