Google Glass

Is Google Glass ‘doomed’ for 2014?

Doomed? That’s what blogger Robert Scoble thinks of Google Glass in 2014. A large part of his reasoning is the price point, which he hears won’t dip below $500. While unconfirmed, it’s nonetheless a widely held opinion. Glass, which currently sells for $1,500 to an increasing number of eligible consumers, is still in beta form, both in hardware and software. Aside from pricing, there are other hurdles to navigate as well.

Google Glass Explorer invites flowing to All Access subscribers

Google Play Music support recently arrived for Glass users, and it looks like Google is going to do what they can to ensure this setup gets a thorough testing. Google Play Music All Access subscribers appear to be getting invitations to join the Glass Explorer program. We haven't seen any confirmation direct from Google just yet, however these invites are said to be coming by email.

Google Glass Prescription Lenses will be available in ‘a few weeks’

Google is readying Glass for wide release soon enough, that much we’re sure of. An accelerated hardware rollout and more open development platform are the biggest clues, but they still have some odds and ends to clean up. One of the biggest knocks is how it will be working with prescription lenses. Two frames looks silly, but Rochester Optical has stepped up to bring prescription lenses to Glass — natively.

Winkfeed, the RSS reader for Google Glass, impresses at it informs

If you have Google Glass, and are an RSS junkie, good news (pun!) is here. Winkfeed, a new app for glass, aims to keep you informed while on the go. The heads-up technology now gives you the heads up on news in a flash. It works, like all Glass stuff, via the Glass app available for your smartphone, then pushing the content to your eyeball.

Google Glass XE12 update hits on YouTube, Hangouts and Winks

Google has released the latest update for Glass. This time around the update has landed as XE12, which includes a bit about the iOS companion app. We saw the MyGlass app arrive in the iOS App Store earlier in the day, and it seems this XE12 update is officially paving the way. But as we saw the app arrive, only to be quickly pulled, we now know that Google is planning to release that app sometime "later this week."
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