Google Glass

Google demos Glass functionality with five new mini-games

Google has recently released five mini-games for Glass. The games include Tennis, Balance, Clay Shooter, Matcher, and Shape Splitter. These will be available using the "Ok Glass, Play a Game" command, but perhaps key here, Google has said they released these games in an effort to inspire developers.

Google Glass has games, and Developers have a blueprint for success

Google Glass owners are getting their own time wasters! No, not Twitter or other social apps that suck you deep into the time vortex, we’re talking games. The newest MyGlass Glassware update brought with it a few games. Though nothing too in depth, the games are set to showcase just what game designers can do with Glass, and how the hardware can be used to offer a fresh take on seemingly old classics.

Google Glass prescription frames teased by Rochester Optical

There are still plenty of questions related to Google Glass, however it seems we are slowly but surely seeing a bit more in terms of the prescription lens setup. The pricing of the frames, from Rochester Optical, was quietly revealed a short while back and now there is a bit more in terms of the available design and colors. This latest bit has been shared by Tim Moore and they will follow the GOLD standard.
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