Google Glass

Kopin announces Pupil, a hardware solution for mass-market headwear

Kopin has unveiled their Pupil wearable system, which will immediately bring Google Glass to mind. The glasses from Kopin take a slightly different approach than Glass does, though. While the company had reference hardware on display (and for wear) at a recent unveiling, theirs is more a back-end solution — and a good one.

Google Glass Explorer do’s and don’ts detailed

Google, coming by way of the Glass Explorers, has shared a new list of sorts. The list details a bit about what should be expected when wearing Glass. Basically, a list of do's and don'ts with a key option to not be "creepy or rude." This plays to the whole 'glasshole' term, but basically has Google reminding Explorers to respect others, be polite, and don't get snappy.

Another Explorer gives up on Google Glass, saying it causes headaches

When it comes to Google Glass, there is as much good news as there is bad. Someone gets pulled over while wearing Glass, but the charges are dropped. A guy gets yanked from a movie theatre, accused of recording the film, but it was a misunderstanding. One thing that might be more concerning is early adopters who are becoming very vocal about limiting their usage, or leaving Glass behind altogether.

Virgin Atlantic testing Google Glass’ ability to identify passengers

Google Glass, through it’s trials (literally) and tribulations, has a lot of upside amidst the bad press. Though nobody is really sure where the headwear will take us just yet, Virgin Atlantic is involved in a rather interesting trial of the heads-up headwear. At London’s Heathrow airport, Virgin staff servicing the Upper Class lounge are using Glass in a really unique way.

Google Glass testing tipped underway with the NYPD

While anyone can apply to be a part of the Google Glass Explorer program, it seems a few newer entries are also part of another group -- the NYPD. Details coming from a recent report brings mention of how the department has begun testing a "few pairs" of Glass. The NYPD has yet to make any formal announcement, however the source reports how they are being used "mostly for patrol purposes."

Google Glass faces driving ban in seven states

On the heels of the California driver who was ticketed for driving with Glass, a new bill has been introduced asking that all wearable computers be banned during operation of a vehicle. The bill, introduced by Wyoming Senator Floyd Esquibel, is aimed at safety.
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