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Google acquires iProvo – brings Google Fiber to Provo, Utah

We have some excellent news for all you folks living in Provo, Utah. It looks like those BYU Cougars and the entire city is about to get some blazing fast internet speeds. Google has just announced their next-gen ISP service Google Fiber is officially coming to Provo, Utah. The small city will be joining a very elite club of only 3 locations in the U.S. to offer Google Fiber.

Google Fiber headed to Texas – can my town be next?

Reports are beginning to surface this week that Google's blazing fast gigabit internet service is headed to Texas, and we could be getting the official details as soon as next week. Reports are claiming Austin Texas is up next, and I'm just wondering when Vegas will get it. That's all I need to know. For more details on Google Fiber read on past the break.

Google Fiber brings 1Gbps internet to Olathe, Kansas

Looks like another city in Kansas is getting the blessing of Google Fiber internet. Google Fiber's Community Manager, Rachel Hack, made an announcement saying, "Another city in the Kansas City area is getting the chance to join the growing Silicon Prairie". She also says that she hopes that there will be many more announcements for future cities in the Kansas City area.

Google exec confirms phone service aspirations were axed

Lately we've heard a few reports that Google and Dish were in talks to launch their own Google wireless service, something that would be amazing. Today however it looks like Google's been looking into offering their own phone services before, but those plans have all since been axed and canceled. Below are a few comments from Google's own VP Milo Medin, who was speaking on the matter.

Google Fiber detailed, Nexus 7 comes free as TV remote

This week Google's finally taken the wraps off of their uber-fast internet connection. Google Fiber has been launched officially in Kansas City, and has a few neat additions to the new ISP service. It's available in three optional packages, one which includes Google's Nexus 7 tablet free as the actual TV remote. The rest of us are patiently awaiting it to arrive in our city already.

Google video service approved for Kansas City

Quick, everybody - get you Nostradamus hats on. Google has applied for a license to distribute an at-home video service in Kansas City, Missouri, which has become unofficially known as "the luckiest city in America" after the company chose it as the test site for its fiber-optic Internet service. Regulators approved their application late last month, meaning that Kansas City could well become the very first place that Google starts competing directly with cable and satellite television providers. Their internet infrastructure would almost certainly form the backbone of this video service.

Google may tests out cable TV service in Kansas City

Google's no stranger to disruptive technology, but so far, Google TV has failed to make a dent in the set-top box market. Google may be aiming to change that with a new approach: don't replace the cable box, replace the cable company. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the search giant is investigating the possibility of bringing cable TV services to customers of its upcoming fiber service in Kansas City, Missouri, bringing both super-fast Internet and Google-branded TV to its lucky residents.
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