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Google Fiber arriving in San Antonio, Texas

We haven't heard much about Google Fiber lately. The last update we remember was about its expansion to four more cities. This second half of the year, the company is bringing to San Antonio, Texas its fast Internet service after expanding in Salt Lake City, Nashville, Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

Google Fiber expanding to four more cities

Google has announced that it is set to expand its Google Fiber internet offering into for more locations in the US. The expansion will bring high-speed fiber optic internet service to Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, NC, and Nashville. The expansion plans come from two people who claim to be familiar with the plans Google has in the works.

Google Fiber hiring in New york

Google may be ready to take on the biggest domestic market, if a new job listing is any indication. A job posting on Google’s website notes Fiber is looking for a Regional Sales Manager for New York. It's their first Fiber position in the New York office, and has many excited the service may come to New York City.

Google delays Fiber in Austin, cites issue getting permits

Google Fiber is highly anticipated, and those lucky enough to be getting gigabit Internet service rejoice when they hear the news. For folks in Austin, Texas, the joy has quickly turned to frustration, as Google has announced Fiber is being delayed in that city. While Google initially planned to have Fiber up and running by mid-2014, it seems the opaque “later this year” is their new answer for when Austin will get Fiber.

Google Fiber approved for Gladstone, Missouri

Google has announced the latest Fiber related expansion news and this time around it looks like coverage will be coming to Gladstone, Missouri. Similar to other recent announcements, while we have word of coverage coming to a particular city, the details are on the lighter side. Basically, what has been announced is that the Gladstone, Missouri City Council has voted for approval.

Shawnee, Kansas next in line for Google Fiber

The city of Shawnee, which sits just outside of Kansas City and is described as being a "tight-knit community and a great place to do business" will be the next to get Google Fiber. The news comes as the Shawnee City Council has given their approval. While Google Fiber will be coming for those in Shawnee, the one catch is that a roll-out date has yet to be revealed.

Google Fiber approved for Provo – City will front the cash

The small town of Provo, Utah, is officially going to be the third city in the U.S. to get Google's Fiber high-speed internet service. Last week the announcement was made, and we later learned that Google was acquiring their current Fiber network, iProvo, for just one dollar. Today the deal was approved by the city council but we also learned Google won't be spending much, at least not at first.
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