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Google Chrome OS gets new lineup of Haswell-powered devices

The Intel Developers Forum was filled not just with revelations of the manufacturer's upcoming chips but also with announcements of new devices, including a series of notebooks and a PC box running Google's Chrome OS and powered by Intel's latest fourth generation "Haswell" Core processors. This time, ASUS and Toshiba are joining the fray of companies touting Chrome OS devices which now totals six manufacturers.

Google Chromebook Pixel hands-on and first impressions

Google blasted onto the high end laptop scene last week with their all-new Chromebook Pixel. We had a pretty good idea it was coming based on a few leaks, but they shocked everyone with a quick announcement last week. Not to mention the price also being a shocker - to say the least. Offering a 12.85-inch 2560x1700 'Pixel' display, dual-core Intel Core i5 power and more but that price sure is daunting. Read on for our initial impressions.

Waiting in Line at Google I/O for the First Keynote [UPDATE: We’re in!]

Today at 11AM Central time is the first Google keynote speech, and we're currently waiting in line for the bigtime door opening. There's about ten billion people standing in line here, but I assure you, we'll have the big news first! That is to say, we'll be the first to be analyzing while everyone else is running around screaming because Ice Cream Sandwich is the greatest thing since they created the original tasty treat. Stay tuned and get your fists ready for some heavy pumping and your eyeballs ready for some heavy reading of some bomb dropping!

Generosity Doth Not Go Unappreciated

You may have noticed that over the past few days, we've been sort of XOOM happy here on Android Community. We've posted everything from a [brand new unboxing and hands-on post] to a [smooth guide] on some of the new amazing games you'll be able to run with your super powerful Tegra 2 processor (inside the tablet, of course.) This is because we've got a Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet sitting here right in front of us. The flood will continue here, but you'll soon be seeing the same thing happening around the web. Why? Because this year's Game Developers Conference has been gifted with not only Nexus S phones, not only Google Chrome OS-powered CR-48 laptops, but brand new XOOM tablets as well!

Android ported to CR-48 Chrome Notebook

Well Hexxeh has done it again. After building Flow out of Chrome OS, he has successfully ported Android to the CR-48 notebook given out by Google. There is no other information regarding its stability and functionality but it certainly shows that Android can reach out to a very broad selection of devices.

Android Community Google Cr-48 Giveaway Winners Announced!

One heckuva contest just went down here on Android Community and over at one of our partner sites: SlashGear. We both teamed up with Google to get pumped up about the future of computing, together giving away a total of FIVE brand new Google Cr-48 notebooks, all of them running Google Chrome OS. We've got ALL of the winners of these fantastic new Cr-48 notebooks below, take a look! If one of them is you, get super excited because your laptops are probably already on their way! If you don't show up below, get super excited anyway because the Pilot Program is still active! Now get to clicking!

Android Community Google Cr-48 Giveaway REMINDER

Incase you're unaware, we're running a contest to give away five Google Chrome OS Cr-48 notebooks and you're invited to win! These notebooks aren't going to hit the market until the middle of next year so this is your only way to grab a notebook for your own right this minute (other than the pilot testing program, of course.) But you just want one to chill and rock on, yes? Two Android Community members (and THREE over at SlashGear) are going to be able to win, the first drawing to be done on Friday December 17 at midnight PST!
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