Google Checkout

Google Wallet re-enables prepaid cards, tossed users $5 for the trouble

Amid a slew of privacy and security scares last month, Google disabled the use of prepaid debit-style cards via Google Wallet. After various updates (with a few key security tweaks) the feature is back, none the worse for wear. Of course, that and five bucks will get you a Starbucks coffee... so Google  did Wallet users all a solid and added $5 to their balance. Google's probably one of the only companies in the world with both the spare cash and the inclination to do something like that - and besides, it'll probably cut down on the likelihood of a class-action lawsuit being filed. Probably.

European Android developers left unpaid and angry

In what seems to be a massive oversight on Google's part, developers from all over Europe are reporting that their expected Android Market/Google Play Store payments for early March have not been delivered. Though the payments are marked as delivered in the internal developer systems, the money simply isn't appearing in developers' accounts. Those who have reached out to Google directly via developer support channels have thus far been met with silence. After almost a week of reports in the Google Checkout help section, the primary complaint thread has hundreds of replies.

Google Checkout checks out, replaced by Google Wallet

Google raised a few eyebrows when it sent indie artists through Google Wallet for the new Google Music service, instead of the more seasoned Google Checkout. Well, now it's pretty obvious why: Google sent out an email saying that Google Checkout will be absorbed into Google Wallet in 2012. According to the email, consumers don't need to do anything while the transition is being managed.

Google Checkout Service Outage Today from 4:00PM-5:00PM PT for Maintenance

Android Market Support has been sending out a few emails today regarding a little service outage that is planned for later today. According to the email Google Checkout will be down today for a scheduled system maintenance. It will be unavailable starting at 4:00PM Pacific Time until 5:00PM PT. So approximately an hour or so from what we are hearing. How does this impact you -- you wont be able to purchase apps in the Android Market through Google Checkout while the service is down.