Google Calendar

Google announces Gmail and Calendar data downloads

Google has announced a new feature for Gmail and Calendar. In fact, they have announced the same feature for both services -- the ability to download your data. This option could be good if you are thinking of changing to a new service, however it should also be nice for those who simply want to keep a backup.

Google Calendar updated, gets improved search and Maps integration

If you’re like us, you live and die by your Google Calendar. From keeping appointments humming along to scheduling calls, Calendar can be a godsend — if you use it. Some don’t, and that has a lot to do with Google’s version being clunky and hard to manage. Rather than use it as your back end solution for your calendar needs, Google has brought new features to the forefront designed to keep you on track and focussed.

Google Calendar updated with custom colors and UI tweaks

Today the folks from Google are on a roll in the updates department. This entire week actually, with updates to Gmail, Google Music, Chrome beta and stable, and now Google Calendar. We're getting some much needed features today that should help all those busy folks clean up their calendar and more. Read on for the changelog and additional details.
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