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Google Admin app launches for Android

Google has released a new app this afternoon, called Google Admin. The app is intended for those who are managing Google Apps accounts and is available for Android devices by way of the Play Store. Google mentions how the Admin app will allow you to take care of the "most common tasks" which includes everything from adding new users to handling password resets.

Google Mail and other app services restored

If you've been frustrated this afternoon with many of Google's services failing to work, you weren't alone. This morning Google and many others confirmed that they had an outage causing some issues and a disruption in service for many things like Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar sync and much more. However, the company confirms that service should be fully restored.

Quickoffice app released for Google apps business users

Google has recently released a new version of the Quickoffice app into the Google Play Store. This one joins the Quickoffice Pro HD and Quickoffice Pro apps, which are already priced at $19.99 and $14.99 respectively. This new release is called Quickoffice Google Apps and is available for free. Before you run to download thinking Quickoffice is now available for free -- there is a catch.

Fuhu Nabi 2 tablet for kids gets rooted and access to Google Apps

One of the more powerful tablets for kids on the market, the Fuhu Nabi 2, has finally been rooted by the folks at XDA. This tablet packs a serious punch, especially when compared to other tablets for children on the market. Sadly, in spite of its beastly power, it lacked access to Google Play and the other Google Apps we all rely on in daily life. Thanks to XDA, that issue is resolved. The Nabi 2 packs a Tegra 3 processor, 1GB RAM, and Android 4.0. That is some serious power in a rugged tablet designed to support the lifestyle of young people. This root now makes it a serious tablet that can do almost anything. Once the relatively easy simple root process is completed, users have a couple of options. They can choose to leave the default Monarch UI, which is made for children or they can get the standard Ice Cream Sandwich experience. This is done by simply deleting the /system/vendor folder from the device. As always, be careful rooting your devices, as it is possible to screw the process up and be left with an expensive paper weight. Make sure you have adb installed and have a basic working knowledge of it before attempting to root your Nabi 2. Follow the steps laid out on XDA, and you should have Google Apps installed quickly and easily. [timeline] [via Android Police]

Unofficial Google Apps updated for CyanogenMod 9 and other ICS ROMs

If you're reading this, you're probably aware that Google publishes Android as an open-source operating system, allowing anyone to modify the code, customizing it for different devices or ROMs. What you may not know is that all the Google apps on certified Android phones, like Gmail, YouTube, Goolge Calendar, and of course the Android Market, are closed-source, and can't be modified without breaking Google's copyright. Ever since Ice ream Sandwich ROMs started popping up, ROM flashers have been using some cobbled-together Google Apps packages that are decent, but sometimes lacking new Ice Cream Sandwich features. Now a new and unofficial package is available for CyanogenMod 9 and other Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs.

Google Apps users can now join Google+

One of the biggest complaints for the recently launched social network service was the fact that Google Apps users weren't able to join. This being the large group of schools and businesses that actually pay Google to use their Apps and services. Google's recently announced more than 40 million users are on Google+ but now all those enterprise and Google Apps users will be able to join the hangout party.

Google Docs Updated, Adds 46 new languages and image attachments

It looks like everyone's favorite documents application for Android we all know as Google Docs received a little update today. It's all about that cloud-based web functionality here. The main feature in the update today is the ability to quickly and easily upload photos to Google Docs and the web clipboard. This is a great feature for mobile users and something we can use on-the-go with ease.

Google App Inventor Discontinued, Will Become Open Source Instead

Many of you may not know much about App Inventor. This was a tool that was very exciting when it was first announced by Google Labs and it was made available to the public last December in a beta test. Basically Google created a program that would help users with zero coding skills or knowledge of any sort to build Android applications using the App Inventor tool. This was one of many great things that came from Google Labs.
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