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Timeful management app acquired by Google

Timeful app still hasn't found its way to Android but it can be expected soon since Google has recently purchased the auto scheduler app. Both companies announced that they are joining forces to make things easier for everyone. Timeful is joining Google and will start working on to bring the unique features of Timeful to some of the most useful Google apps today.

Google ‘Mobile Application Distribution Agreement’ leaks, calls Android openness into question

A document pertaining to Google’s licensing of its apps was leaked today, giving insight to what many have speculated was going on for quite some time. The document comes to us via someone who serves as a consultant, and admittedly does so for companies that compete with Google. Though many will cast doubt on his credentials and aim here, the document speaks for itself.

Samsung agrees to stop making apps that step on Google’s toes

According to a report by Re/Code, Android enthusiasts may be having their day soon. It seems as though Google wasn’t pleased with what they saw at CES, as Samsung’s new Magazine UI and various double-dipping apps has caused discussion between the two. Samsung has reportedly agreed to stop going their own way, and will be reigning in the silliness.

Android 4.4 phone app displays numbers harvested from Google services

The latest version of Android has introduced quite a number of features, some of which we've already covered in our Android 4.4 tag portal. Others are still continually being discovered or officially revealed, like the improvements to the built-in photo editor in the Gallery app. Now Google is coming out with another new feature that enhances the default dialer app's caller ID to go beyond your usual contact list.

The U.S. Army has gone Google!

Google has convinced the US Army to “Go Google”! Via their enterprise blog, Google has announced that the US army has gone Google, and will utilize Google Apps to improve their communication and become more mobile. This will reduce cost for the Army, as well as give troops around the globe access to things like Drive and Hangouts.

Paranoid Android enter “legal gray area” with official 0-Day GAPPS pack

If you have installed a custom ROM such as Paranoid Android or CyanogenMod you likely understand the need for the GAPPS package. At the same time, you likely understand the frustration of those packages. They can be frustrating for a variety of reasons and it looks like the folks at Paranoid Android have taken this matter into their hands. Coming by way of the Paranoid Android Google+ page, we have the "Official 0-Day GAPPS."

Quickoffice relaunched by Google, price drops and includes 10GB Drive perk

Back in April Google released the Google Apps edition of Quickoffice in the Play Store. This app was released for free, but the use was limited to those who were paying Google Apps for Business subscribers. At the time Quickoffice remained priced at $14.99 and $19.99 for the Pro and Pro HD versions. Well, flash forward till the present day and Quickoffice has been relaunched and is now available for free -- for everyone.
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