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Google now looking out for your digital afterlife

Like it or not, at some point you will face death. The topic of what happens to your stuff is often discussed and when it comes to real-world items, that doesn't seem to be much of an issue. That sort of stuff is generally taken care of in a will and ultimately will be taken care of because those who outlive you will be forced to see that stuff sitting around and taking up space. The other side here deals with the digital side, which for most, could end up just sitting around given the bit about it being easy to ignore.

Multi-user Accounts coming to Android – tweaks enabled in Jelly Bean

Multiple user accounts in Android would be awesome right? Think about that "living room tablet" the entire family shares, or the Nexus 7 as your Google Fiber TV remote. If Android had multiple user accounts you could simply sign in and enjoy all your apps, your bookmarks, and your tablet. Then the rest of the family can too on their own accounts when they use it.

Google updates their privacy policies and terms of service

Google has decided to update their privacy policies across all of their products, and condense them into a single policy. This updated document will better clarify how users information is stored and treated within their different services and products. Yes, this not only includes their web based services, but Android OS as well. Anywhere you login to your Google Account, this new policy will most likely apply.