Changes afoot in Google+ profiles, YouTube comments 

As Google continues to figure out what to do with Google+, they are slowly making changes to the “social network” and admitting that they may have made several mistakes along the way. Today, they shared some tweaks they are doing, just a few days after they announced how Google+ Photos and Google Photos will be different as well as changing the private management aspect of the former. YouTube is also undergoing a few minor changes, specifically in how creators can manage comments.

Android devices vulnerable to “Stagefright” infection through MMS

Do you remember when the Heartbleed virus scared the heck out of computer owners last year? And then iPhone owners were also vulnerable to hacking through text message earlier this year? Well, it is the turn of Android users to be paranoid as a cybersecurity company goes public with a detected flaw in the heart of the platform’s system called Stagefright. Around 95% of Android smartphones is vulnerable to hacking through a picture message that can be sent through MMS.

Google Text-to-Speech app adds four more languages

Sometimes, those who live in huge English speaking countries and societies tend to forget that the rest of the world do not always speak the same language. This is still true when it comes to devices and apps, that is why, even if it might not be relevant to you, we tell you about new languages added in updates, because somewhere in the world, some people are relieved that their language has been included. Google’s Text-to-Speech app has now added four more languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, and Turkish.

Google Photos food trucks rolling out in major cities by July 29

The Google Photos Twitter account tweeted out a mysterious 9-second video showing waffles and the hashtag #PayWithAPhoto. People immediately started speculating that Google will be giving away free waffles or this is just a marketing stunt to save face for the Google+ Photos/Google Photos brouhaha earlier this week or it’s just a way of deliciously promoting their Google Photos. Well, there isn’t any official statement yet, but they did speak to a tech website and confirmed that Google Photo food trucks will be rolling out by July 29 in major US cities.

Google shows off new 360 degree video ads

Never underestimate Google when it comes to innovating products and services. And when it comes to its AdWords program, expect Google to work on it because along with YouTube and mobile search, the ad program is one of the company's constant source of revenue as we noted in the latest Q2 financial results. Admit it or not, video is currently the most effective way to market a product.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition: rugged, folding frame

We’re still not yet at that point where everyone is demanding for a consumer-friendly version of Google Glass, possibly because it is not yet ready for mass marketing. But what we do have now is a slightly improved version of the Explorer Edition, or what is being referred to as the Enterprise Edition, that is being targeted for working professionals looking at playing around with Google’s wearable. It’s not the Google Glass 2.0 some have been waiting for, but at least it’s something.

Pixate joins Google’s design team, more app ideas to come to life

Three-year old startup Pixate has recently joined the design team of Google. This means designing prototypes and tools not only for Android but also iOS is now easier. This includes Form 1.3 so any designer can make more fluid and sophisticated mobile prototypes for most mobile platforms. Pixate's joining Google will benefit most designers and developers who rely on this visual platform to make prototypes of apps.

Google Photos head clarifies Google+ Photos “shutdown” announcement

You would think that an announcement about the shutdown of one of the lesser used (or so we thought) Google products would not be met with much protest. But apparently, there were some folks who were upset over the fact that Google+ Photos was being “closed” and that users were strongly encouraged to migrate their files into the newly launched Google Photos, which is a much superior photo backup cloud service. Google Photos head had to make clarifications about what the announcement actually meant.

Google launches Your Timeline, will show where you’ve been

Google has something new for those who are always sentimental about all the memories and the places they’ve been and explored already. Others will not understand going back to memory lane but it’s not being dramatic. It’s about making and keeping memories that will last a lifetime. That becomes easier especially in this digital age where we can post, share, and save notes and photos anywhere in the web. Google knows how important it is to keep track of information and save them for future reference.

Tech companies side with Samsung over patent dispute with Apple

When it comes to the patent war between Apple and Samsung, it looks like several of the big names from Silicon Valley are siding with the latter. A group of these digital giants have sent a petition to the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals that the ruling they handed down, telling Samsung to pay Apple for some of the patent infringement suits they lost, will be a precedent to stifling innovation as well as eliminating choices for consumers.