Google Cloud Console app for Android updated with more features

Going digital used to be all the rage but now, there's a rapid trend to "go mobile". This means everything must be easily and quickly accessible from a mobile device without having to log into a desktop computer or laptop. With the advent of mobile apps, a lot of industries and companies have worked on releasing their own apps to make business more efficient than ever.

Sorry, no Dark system theme for Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android M, that fluffy Android Marshmallow is set to fully launch in the coming weeks but as expected and most of you already know, there are a number of changes we may encounter. We're still taking note of all those new features and changes but unlike Android Lollipop, this new mobile platform will do away with the dark system theme. You see, Material Design guidelines meant that Android should use a ligher theme more. It makes sense because a light theme is easier on the eyes. You can enable this by simply by making some changes on the Settings.

Google starts exploring three new cities for possible Google Fiber expansion

Major carriers in the US are pushing to advance 4G/LTE coverage while testing 5G connectivity that is still due in five years. Meanwhile, Google is also working hard to bring us faster Internet across the US albeit slowly (but surely). Only last month, the tech giant announced that Google Fiber would be arriving in San Antonio, Texas. It's something we waited after a long time since the last expansion in four cities--Atlanta (Georgia), Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham (North Carolina), and Nashville (Tennessee)--rolled out in January.

Google officially launches Android Pay, “tap and pay” gets easier

That was quick. Google has finally and officially announced Android Pay quickly after the new Google Wallet app was released. We didn't think it would be that fast even if it was already tipped since last February. The Android Pay framework was even confirmed as early as March and we got hands-on feature a couple of months later. We somehow believed a McDonald's memo that it might be coming August 26 but as you all know, nothing was announced then.

Google Maps puts PegMa’am in Buckingham Palace as tribute to Queen

Staying on the throne for more than 60 years is no small feat, especially since there are only very few legit thrones left in our time. And so Google UK decided to do a tiny tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her becoming the longest sitting monarch in UK history. For a limited time, a “PegMa’am” icon will be visible in the area around Buckingham Palace as part of their celebration over this particular “achievement”.

New Google Wallet app released, will soon launch as Android Pay

Google has recently released an update to Google Wallet and looks like the Internet giant isn't just adding new features but it's totally renaming the service into Android Pay. A revised app was recently rolled out but there's a mention that Google Wallet will be Android Pay soon. If you haven't used Google Wallet yet, now is the time to sign up and take advantage of the service before it's known as Android Pay.

Everything goes down except Lollipop in Android Distribution

It's time to take another look at how the half dozen versions of Android floating around the market. As essential as this information is to developers, it is also interesting to observe from a market analysis perspective. This month's chart paints a positive picture, with a bit of foreboding in the air. All versions of Android have seen notable drops in numbers. That is, all except Android Lollipop, 5.0 and 5.1, which are now installed on as much as 21 percent of Android devices in the market.

New Nexus phones from LG, Huawei rumored for pre-order by Oct 13

It will be the first time that Google will be releasing two Nexus smartphones at the same time, and so people are pretty excited to see if this will be a good thing for them, for LG, for Huawei, and of course for the consumers themselves. Amidst rumors that they will be launched later this month, now we’re hearing that pre-orders will start by October 13 for both devices. These rumors may be in keeping with the previous schedules of announcement, pre-order and release of Nexus smartphones.

Google releases tech specs of Google Cardboard, version 2.0

At the Google I/O developers’ conference in May this year, Google debuted the second version of their cardboard VR headset aptly called Google Cardboard. Version 2.0 of Google Cardboard now has some added features, including support for phones with bigger screens, like the Nexus 6 which wouldn’t fit in the first iteration. Just recently, the official tech specs and drawings came out for Google Cardboard v2.
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