Leaked slides confirm Nexus 6P details: 3450mAh batt, sleek metal unibody, etc.

This week, we'll finally get to see the two new Nexus phones and probably the new Chromecast. Of the two Nexus devices, we're more excited to see the Huawei-made model because it's the first from a Chinese phone maker. This is considered as one of the many ways that Google is doing to strengthen its brand in the country. We've heard numerous rumors already including those leaked photos of colorful units, the Huawei Nexus might be called the 6P, and the Nexus 6P could have a 128GB option.

Google Voice adapts new acoustic technology for better search

The phrase “Ok Google” has been particularly useful for Android users who either have their hands preoccupied to do the actual typing or who just think that voice automation is there to make their lives easier. Either way, Google Voice search has been an important part of their mobile experience. In the latest update, they have adapted a new acoustic technology in order to make the process easier, and maybe even a bit enjoyable (for the user at least).

Google greets Android happy birthday with sweet wallpapers

With not much fanfare, Android apparently is celebrating its 7th birthday, as per the official Google Plus page. And to celebrate, instead of giving out cake or something more celebratory, they shared wallpapers full of…marshmallows. Well, that isn’t really a surprise given that their next major update is of the soft and cushy and sweet kind. But given that it is the 7th birthday after all, weren’t you expecting a Google Doodle at least?

Leaked pictures show possible colors of upcoming Huawei Nexus

As the September 29 Google event draws near, expectations as to what will be announced then is getting higher. While we’re expecting an Android Marshmallow preview (given that "tasty treats and much s’more” is the tagline), there isn’t any confirmation yet as to what the other treats will be. But common consensus is that the new generation of Nexus devices will be unveiled, including two new smartphones, one from LG and one from Huawei. Leaked photos now show that the Huawei Nexus will come in four colors.

Nexus 6P, 5X retail packaging spotted in the wild

The 29th of September is fast approaching and we're not expecting leaks and rumors to slow down. Only a few days until Google is set to launch the new Nexus phones and probably the new Chromecast, we're treated to an early preview of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, as well as, the boxes they are expected to come in.

Gmail now has the block and unsubscribe option for better options

When you’re in the groove working or doing something really productive, the arrival of notifications saying you got Gmail from some annoying person who has been pestering you destroys that mood. Don’t you just wish you could block that person? Now your wish has come true as Gmail gives you more control over your Inbox with the introduction of the block and unsubscribe options, now on the web and soon on the Android mobile app.

France says parent company must also apply RTBF rule for Google

The French data privacy regulator Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) has turned down the appeal of Google regarding the court’s decision, ordering them to remove all pertinent data for the “right to be forgotten" (RTBF ) not just in Google France or other European countries, but even in the search engine’s global domain as well. While Google was willing to implement the RTBF rule in Europe but were contesting the fact that even itself would have to follow suit.

Google, Udacity bring Android Developer Nanodegree program in India

No doubt that India is one emerging market. Information technology is rapidly booming in the country so don't be surprised if you hear about people from this race dominating tech industries all over the world. If you notice, a number of brands and companies are heading over to the country to set up shop. For one, Google knows the abilities and skills of the Indians so the search giant is bringing the Android Developer Nanodegree program in India.
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