Google updates Docs, Classroom with new tools and features

Students, how was you summer break? I’m not sure if there are students reading this site but, at least, there are parents who are interested to know what new stuff they serve their kids to help them in school. If not parents, we’re guessing teachers who want to make use of technology to the fullest. Good news—Google has recently updated the Google Docs program by adding new tools and improving several features.

New Google Nexus phones launching this September 29

We're not really expecting the new Nexus pair to be unveiled in Berlin this week but at least now we know that Google is scheduled to have an event in San Francisco on the 29th of September. That's the clearest detail we've heard so far but still from sources and not officially from the Internet giant. We're still betting on the LG Nexus and Huawei Nexus to show off the newest Android 6.0 Marshmallow though. 

Google debuts brand new logo, evolves new identity for all brands

Google surprised everybody when they unveiled their brand new identity today. Don’t worry, yes, they’re still the same old search engine you’ve depended upon like it was air. What they’ve done is evolved their logo, icons, and basically their whole visual identity in order to meet the needs of users and their various screens, formats, sizes, etc. Google believes that the new logo and brand identity "express the same simplicity and delight they expect” when they visit the homepage, as they use the search page and other Google products on their various devices and surfaces.

Google On companion app for OnHub router released

Trust Google to come up with products and services we sometimes don't really need or, at least, not yet. Others may not see the importance of having a smart connected home but there are those who'd like to be ahead and quickly adopt the smart home technology once readily accessible. Aside from improving Internet speed and bringing mobile connection to more people not only in the United States but also in other countries, the search giant has introduced the OnHub router less than two weeks ago. This router is a smarter and newer way to manage your Wi-Fi network and control devices at home.

Google Play Services updated to V 8.1 with (unusable) Android Pay 

We thought that the wait for Android Pay was almost over, but a few minutes later, we were proven wrong. We were already disappointed that the rumored launch last Wednesday was obviously wrong, but our hopes were up when the newest update of Google Play Services came out, as Android Pay was already visible. However, this may just be a very short preview, as the feature is still unusable at this point and eventually “disappears”.

New ‘Apps’ results layout, colored grid hit Google mobile search

Google's search engine is number one. No questions about that but you know, even if the Internet giant's algorithm is generally reliable, we can't expect the mobile app version to yield the same relevant results all the time. It's the same with the Google Play Store. Searching for a particular app won't quickly show the title you need. For some reason, Google hasn't fully worked on that one yet but it's trying to make the Search app smarter.

Google devs add Runtime Permissions in time for Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Google is making some changes to setting permissions on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Actually, it's not just some as the Internet giant said the development is one the largest changes to the current permissions model. At present, the platform follows the install time permissions model but it will soon be replaced by a new one. This will particularly target those apps running on Android Marshmallow devices and one that targets API 23.

More Android Wear smartwatches to hit the market before 2015 ends

The smartwatch era may still be in its early stages but its obvious that Google is ahead of Apple in the game--that is, if we are to look at the features and not the numbers. Android Wear as a wearable platform is quickly becoming the standard in smartwatches simply because it's Android and there are more compatibles devices that can be supported. Samsung may have the Tizen OS but once more Android Wear watches hit the market, the numbers might change.

Amazon releases updated shopping app, now calls it Underground

Amazon has recently introduced a new shopping app for Android. Amazon Underground lets you do your shopping for apps and games for free. By free we mean the apps offered are complete with all the premium features. No need to pay extra for in-app items because the titles included are free versions of popular paid apps like 'Goat Simulator', 'OfficeSuite Professional 8', 'PhotoSuite 4', 'Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions', 'Frozen Free Fall', 'Looney Tunes Dash!', and 'Angry Birds Slingshot' among others.

45 more countries now have Google Map Maker back

Three months after Google decided to temporarily shut down their Map Maker tool because of some users that abused the features, the tech giant has finally announced that they are bringing it back online in 45 more countries, including the US. Two weeks ago, 6 countries were given back this privilege and after some fine-tuning, Google is now opening up Map Maker, but with a few changes to try and ensure the incidents don’t happen again.
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