Devs can apply for PlayStation Suite SDK closed beta now

If you are a game developer for Android games that has been looking to get your games onto more devices the new PlayStation Suite SDK has hit the closed beta point. The PS suite SDK is the development environment using C# that allows games to be run on PS certified devices including Android smartphones as well as the PS Vita portable console that will be landing soon.

EA gobbles up Popcap Games for $650M plus

EA has been looking at Popcap for a while now and it has now announced that it will acquire Popcap in a deal that is worth some very big money. EA is plunking down $650 million in cash and then giving up another $100 million in shares of EA common stock to complete the deal. Popcap sellers are also entitled to additional variable cash consideration depending on non-GAAP earnings through December 2013, which is EA's fiscal Q3.