Dell Aero hands-on and UI walkthrough – Video

Like most new phones, AT&T and Dell are trying to keep the information on this phone tight lipped until they are ready to officially introduce it. Engadget managed to get some hands on time with the Aero at this year’s CTIA and there were a few surprises packed into this phone. Needless to say they are not the type of surprises we like around here.

Yahoo responds to AT&T’s Backflip search option

Yahoo has made an official statement regarding AT&T's choice of  their search engine as the default in the upcoming Motorola Backflip. As we all know the Backflip is an Android device, yet Google Search will not be including in AT&T’s version of MotoBlur.

Google acquires reMail iPhone App

Google has recently acquired reMail from the AppStore and the removed it form the iPhones AppStore. Ha, take that Apple. One of the best apps for the iPhone could make its way to Android soon. Although this may end up being mashed together with the gmail app to enhance its functionality.

Google improves Gmail for Android

Android and Gmail should work very well together considering they have the same parent. For the most part Android and Google play well together, but like most things, there is always room for improvement. Google has announced some improvements for the web-based version of Gmail for the Android and iPhone platforms reports InformationWeek. The biggest of the improvements is faster address auto-completion. That means you have to type less characters before finding possible contacts, which is always nice.
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