Is your Gmail app flickering or broken? Google’s preparing a fix

Making the rounds as of late is news that Google's Gmail app for Android has developed some sort of nasty bug. Personally I've had zero issues but we are hearing about flickering problems, freezing, and even becoming completely unresponsive. If you are experiencing any of the mentioned issues don't worry, Google is said to be working on a fix or have already put one in place to ease your pain.

Gmail App Inverted with a Black Color Theme

In the world of Android we all love tweaking and hacking our devices so I figured I'd share this quick little theme with our readers. What we have here is another blacked out app theme but this time it's for Gmail. What we have is the latest version 2.3.5 Gmail that has been inverted to be completely black and fits in nicely with the rest of Android, not to mention could help with battery life.

Gmail Update for Android Brings Custom Notifications and Priority Sync Options

Leading the way with the latest update to Gmail for Android has to be the custom notifications and priority sync options. They've basically improved how we get notified for those like me that get tons of emails daily, and also are helping our battery life at the same time -- Thanks Google! What they've done is brought a decent list of a few much requested features in this latest and most beautiful update.

Google Labs Closes, Nothing Changes

It was the worst day in the history of the world this Wedesday, today if you're reading this post on the correct day, when Google announced that they'd be closing their Google Labs department. For some this was a sign of imminent doom because they'd been experimenting right alongside Google Labs since before GMail. But for others, no change would be happening. Which are you? Let's have a talk and see, shall we?

Google+ App Updated Already, Now Supports Multiple Gmail Accounts

I know we have all had a little Google+ overload over the last few days or hours but don't you all love it? You must admit its at least a little fresh and new with all those circles, not to mention the Hangout video chat works amazingly well and smooth. Last night Google updated the Google+ Android App and I must say that if the updates keep coming that fast we should be rocking by next week.

Gmail for Android Tweaked, Users May Now Set Up Priority Message Alerts

Google sent out an announcement today saying they'd be updating their Gmail application for the Android platform adding several features that make this update totally sweet. Gmail version 2.3.2 for Android improves first and foremost the priority inbox feature, allowing now a separate window for all priority messages and lets users set up rings, vibrates, and all manner of alerts for when incoming priority messages arrive. This new Priority Inbox view also features the markers you're used to seeing in your desktop version of Gmail, your ability to change a conversation's importance as simple as two clicks.

Android Theme Now Available for GMail

Love Android (of course you do) love GMail? Well now you can get even more of an Android fix right there in your desktop's browser when viewing your GMail account. To do so just go into your GMail account settings, then head to the "Themes" tab. From there, among many other themes, you will see the new Android theme. Isn't it awesome!?
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