Gmail update brings return of the delete button

Google updated the Gmail app earlier in the month and well, that update caused issues for some users. Most notably, Google made some switches in the way things looked and the way you handle messages that didn't go over well with everyone. The two big issues seemed to circle around the sender images and the delete button. Or in this case, the lack of a delete button.

Boomerang for Gmail launches for Android

Boomerang is an email management tool for Gmail users. In the past Boomerang has been available for those using Gmail on the web, however as of today those using Android now have an app available. The app has already landed in the Play Store and it is titled as follows; Boomerang -- Best Gmail App. While we are not sure everyone will consider this the best Gmail app, having been fans of Boomerang in the past, it only seemed natural to move forward with an installation.

Gmail for Android update adding automatic inbox organization

Google has detailed the latest update for Gmail. This update brings changes for the Gmail app on Android as well as on the web. Google is touting this update as being one that will add a bit of control to your inbox. The update will separate mail by type and it is arriving with a few pre-set categories such as Social, Promotions and Updates. This also appears to be based off those leaked screenshots we saw coming out of Google I/O.

New Gmail for Android spotted in IO session video

Today some news has surfaced about a potential redesign of Google's Gmail for Android. What we're seeing could be something new that is coming soon, or instead just a mockup that was used by Google. What you see below is a screenshot from a Google I/O developer session last week, and it's a completely new Gmail with the slide-out navigation bar and all.

Google Wallet integrates with Gmail for money attachments

At present there are plenty of methods one can choose when it comes to sending money to someone else. One of the services that likely comes to the mind of many is PayPal, however that list will soon be growing. Google has recently announced the ability to send money from Gmail.

Google triples free cloud storage for Drive and Gmail to 15GB

Free cloud-storage is something more and more people are looking for these days. With Dropbox,, Google Drive and more fighting for the top spot. Today Google's pulled a big move to beat the competition and have just tripled what they'll be giving away for free. Previously, just like Dropbox and others, Google Drive users received 5GB of free cloud storage. Starting today that will triple to 15GB.

Google brings auto ‘add to calendar’ feature to Gmail

Today we're learning some additional details about a rather neat new feature Google has introduced and integrated into Gmail. Sadly the new feature isn't on mobile, yet, but Gmail will now allow users to automatically add events and reminders to their calendar right from emails. Basically one click easy Google Calendar entries.
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