Boomerang for Android update brings notifications and more

Boomerang, an email app for Gmail users came available for Android a few weeks back. The app launched with quite a bit in terms of functionality and features, however it looks like a rather welcomed update has recently arrived in the Play Store. This update brings the app to v0.8 and has taken care of various unspecified bugs and also added push notifications and more.

Google adds voice calls to Gmail and Hangouts

Soon you'll be able to make phone calls in the US and Canada completely free thanks to Google. Previously we were able to make calls in Gmail from our browser, but when Google Talk became Google Hangouts the feature was removed. Today Google confirmed they've added it back to Gmail, and over the next few days they'll be rolling out phone calling for Hangouts as well.

Gmail update brings return of the delete button

Google updated the Gmail app earlier in the month and well, that update caused issues for some users. Most notably, Google made some switches in the way things looked and the way you handle messages that didn't go over well with everyone. The two big issues seemed to circle around the sender images and the delete button. Or in this case, the lack of a delete button.

Boomerang for Gmail launches for Android

Boomerang is an email management tool for Gmail users. In the past Boomerang has been available for those using Gmail on the web, however as of today those using Android now have an app available. The app has already landed in the Play Store and it is titled as follows; Boomerang -- Best Gmail App. While we are not sure everyone will consider this the best Gmail app, having been fans of Boomerang in the past, it only seemed natural to move forward with an installation.
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