Inbox by Gmail lets you snooze email to relevant dates

If your email inbox is a hotbed of meetings, airplane tickets, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, rental car reservations, and all other kinds of reservations, then your life would be so much easier if you used Inbox by Gmail (if you don’t have it yet). Especially now, since the latest update to the app lets you snooze specific emails to the time when they will be most relevant to you, instead of letting it drown with all the other emails in your inbox.

Inbox by Gmail now lets your create message or reminder in one tap

The Inbox by Gmail app has just been updated to allow a user to create a message or add a reminder in a single tap right from the home screen. With this update, two new Inbox widgets have been added to do the one-tap addition of reminder or message. This particular Android app is now available to everyone. It was an invite-only app but Google finally decided to make the app public.

Undo Send option now available for Inbox, Gmail (web only)

We've all been there. You've crafted a painstaking email to a colleague, explaining why you hate your boss, only to accidentally add your boss to the thread. Or you've written a flirty message to a guy you're dating, then mistakenly sent it to your dad because they have the same first name. (Now as to you dating a man with the same name as your father, that's a whole other discussion). But now, you will be able to retrieve those embarrassing emails, whether you're using Inbox or the Gmail app.

Inbox by Gmail has new ways of adding to your reminders

Inbox by Gmail has received a lot of updates these past few weeks, from opening up to the public even without invites, to improving on the control options on the mobile app, to having a new Trip Bundle specifically for your travels. Now, you also have newer and probably more efficient ways of adding to your reminders. And yes, if you didn't know it yet, or you're just new to Inbox, the app does have a reminders section that you can use for productivity purposes.

Gmail app for Android gets improved security

Google may forever have Gmail as one of its top products because really, this email account provider is very reliable. No doubt that it's the choice of many Android users because it's easy to use and is very secure. The Gmail app for Android recently received an update from Google. The app has just gotten Oauth support for all Microsoft and Yahoo accounts, adding account recovery and two-step verification as an extra layer of protection.

Organize your travel info in your Inbox with Trip Bundles

A few weeks ago, when Inbox by Gmail was opened to everyone, not just by invite, we told you about a certain new feature that will benefit those who travel a lot, either for business or for pleasure. The Trip Bundles in the app organizes all your travel info, including flights, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, and other tour arrangements, all of which are in your email already. Now Google offers us a closer look at how this feature works and how it will benefit travelers.

Inbox now available for everyone, with new features to boot

If you're one of those who were longing to get an Inbox invite so you could use the other Gmail app that people have been talking about, you don't need to wait anymore. Google has opened up the mobile email app to the public, and has even added the most requested features from those who were lucky enough to get the invite and have been using it since October. So now, you can use Inbox to make it easier to sort through and group together your Gmail, whether on mobile or on desktop.

Google analyzes answers to common security questions

Secret questions are supposed to help a person keep his privacy and his profile secure. Problem is, most secret questions are very common that it's easier for anyone to guess the answers, code, pin, or password to an account. This happens especially if there are so many information available. Questions like "What is your mother’s maiden name?" or "What was your first pet’s name?" are often asked that somehow, people can easily guess them to access your account.

Do all your Gmail tasks on your Android Wear with Wear Mail Client

When smartwatches first came out in the market, people were just using them to track their activities and to receive notifications from their connected devices. But as with everything else digital, it has evolved into a whole new animal. Now you can do all sorts of things right from your wearable, including reading and responding to email. Wear Mail Client lets you do all your Gmail things, even without using your smartphone or tablet.
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