Indestructible now available, is like a mobile version of Twisted Metal

If you're a fan of the Twisted Metal series on the PlayStation (and who isn't?), you might find Glu Mobile's latest Android game to be a delight. It's called Indestructible and it features vehicles with big guns attached to them. What more could you want? You just might want to grab this new game if you're yearning for some Twisted Metal-like gaming on your Android device.

Glu Mobile in-app purchases launch on select titles

Glu Mobile has announced that with the launch of in-app purchases for Android devices it has updated some of its popular new games to take advantage of the feature. Players that like the Glu games Gun Bros, Deer Hunter Challenge, and World Series of Poker Hold'em Legend will be able to make purchases.

Motorola XOOM Review [The Big One on Android Community]

Hello and welcome to our official slick and clean review of the Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet. We're pretty much totally used to titling the tablet right alongside the name of the first operating system to function upon it, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, since Google worked closely with Motorola to make this tablet the optimal environment to show off what their first tablet-centric OS was meant to do. This tablet is also set to be hooked up with Flash player and 4G LTE connectivity via Verizon in the near future, though since this tablet is being released now without either, we must go on to review without! But there's plenty to speak about - a while new piece of hardware and a whole new age in Android, all rolled up into one. Let us discuss our initial judgement for this singular window into sweets.

Glu brings Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock to Android

I think that many of us can admit easily enough that one of the big things that drew us to smartphones was the ability to play some cool video games wherever you may end up. Mobile gaming consoles like the PSP and DS have a lot more competition now with smartphones that pack in powerful 3D graphics capability.