Droid 2 Global coming November 11th?

The DROID 2 Global has sure been the focus of the internet lately. First with rumors that it was going to replace the DROID 2 (it will) then with rumors that it will be coming in 2 colors (blue and white) other than the rumors of it's specs and color we have heard little of a release date, besides "soon."

Droid 2 Global Coming in 2 Color Options

Last week we saw Verizon's official rebate form for upcoming devices hit the web, and with it we saw two SKU's for the Droid 2 Global. First many thought that it could simply be two new color options, but speculation also rose that it may be the Droid 2 Global that is going to see the business camera-less version.

Droid 2 recalled from WalMart – Droid 2 Global release imminent?

We know the Droid 2 Global is coming, we just aren’t exactly sure when. Rumors over the past month have pointed to the Global officially replacing the Droid 2 in Verizon’s stock when it’s released. It’s looking like that day might be sooner than expected - WalMart is currently in the process of shipping back it’s Droid 2 stock to it’s distributer.

Droid 2 World Edition Spotted, sporting a Silver and White color Scheme

The Droid 2 World Edition, or Global, is the first phone of the Verizon DROID series to be able to be used outside of the US. Making it a perfect traveling business companion the Droid 2 World Edition features internals capable of global roaming. However, as of now it looks like these new internals are the only feature it has that it’s predecessor, the Droid 2, lacks.
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