Verizon may enable global roaming on LTE phones soon

Verizon's no stranger to global roaming, but thus far none of its 4G LTE devices have been graced with this feature. This, despite the fact that many users have been able to mod phones like the HTC Rezound for just that, and even enable rudimentary access to domestic GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile. Some candid photos of upcoming in-store materials show that Verizon is indeed planning to activate the latent GSM bands in the HTC Rezound, and probably other LTE phones, for international travel.

Motorola DROID XYBOARD update offers worldwide roaming

A couple of weeks ago a modder was shocked to discover that Verizon's HTC Rezound worked on international GSM networks with a SIM card and a little tweaking. It looks like the Rezound isn't the only Verizon LTE device hiding a surprise: the latest update to the Motorola DROID XYBOARD tablets turns on the feature as well. Download the update from Verizon's servers by checking for it in the settings menu on either the XYBOARD 10.1 or 8.2, and your tablet should be able to roam on nearly any cellular network in the world. Previously the FCC published the GSM capability, but it was disabled at the time.

HTC Fireball, LG Spectrum could be Verizon’s first LTE world phones

Americans get a lot of cool stuff before the rest of the world, but phones that play nice with international networks is not one of them. Verizon customers in particular have a lot of frustration to deal with, since the CDMA network is totally useless almost everywhere else in the world. There are a smattering of globally operable phones on Verizon, including the DROID 2 Global, DROID 3 and the Incredible 2. But so far there haven't been any global-ready smartphones that take advantage of Verizon's LTE network. According to some leaked internal documentation from Droid Life, that may soon change with phones from HTC and LG.

Android Surpasses iOS Globally for First Time, already did in U.S.

Looks like today the numbers are finally in, again. This time it is something that was well, sort of expected. The Android train has been going ahead full steam for a long time now, and Q4 2010 and Q1 2011 has only got faster and stronger. According to InMobi, the world's largest independent mobile ad network, revealed its monthly network data analysis findings in its Mobile Insights Report: Global Edition March 2011. They are showing Android ad impression sales has now finally surpassed iOS Globally.

Verizon Demos Global Calling and many other features of the Droid 2 Global [Video]

The main difference between the DROID 2 and the DROID 2 Global is that the Global has built in GSM/CDMA radios and can be used around the globe (if you pay for service). Well many users may have the phone and not even know how to enter these modes. Verizon now has you covered with their series of YouTube videos demoing just how to switch network modes, dial a number, and place a call.

Droid 2 Global and DROID Pro 360° view available via Verizon

Time for some more DROID 2 Global news, this time in the form of it being officially able to view online (sort of). The Droid Pro is currently the only handset out of the 3 available for Verizon's 360° view but we do see the DROID 2 Global Winter White and Dark Sapphire right there on the page.

DROID 2 Global Ads now found in Magazines

As if the yet to be unannounced DROID 2 Global could get any more press time, it has now been spotted in magazine advertisements. As mentioned in the magazine advertisement here, it was mentioned alongside the Droid Pro and Droid X as part of Verizon's holiday DROID lineup.
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