Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S

TouchWiz 4 ported to Samsung Galaxy S

The gang at XDA can't be stopped. This time, taking TouchWiz 4 and they've ported it to the Samsung Galaxy S. Now before you think, "oh cool, I've been wanting to do the whole rooting ROM thing," give it a second thought. The average user just cutting their teeth on custom ROMs may want to stay clear or at least wait on this one, it's not for the faint of heart.

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: January 18 2011

What a busy day in Android news! As we approach Mobile Word Congress 2011, we are getting many leaks of upcoming devices that are set to be showcased at the worldwide event in Barcelona next month. Grab hold of the massively wild story surrounding Samsung's possible charging of fees for Android updates (refuted by they themselves late tonight.) Take a peek at the G-Slate, see where you can grab 300+ free games in the Android Marketplace, and help us stop a pirate! What a fabulously exciting list of updates awaits you here in the Android Community Daily Wrap Up!

Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S gets the Hands-On Treatment

We have heard a bit about the exclusive Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S device, and now we’re being treated to a hands-on courtesy of pocket-lint. Only 800 of the Armani-branded devices will ship, making this a very exclusive device. In fact, if you’re interested in picking up this device, you will have to go to one of only 100 stores in the UK that are actually stocking the device - so you might want to hurry before they are sold out. The device itself is the Galaxy S i9010 and has a few cosmetic changes. Among them is the obvious Giorgio Armani branding above the screen, spruced up waffle-like design on the back plate, and is done in metal as opposed to plastic like the original device. The device’s design is near identical to the Samsung Captivate, which may be commonplace in the US, but in the UK it’s an entirely new design. Shipping for just under £50 as long as you sign up for a contract, the Samsung Armani Galaxy S is truly an impressive device and worth considering. [Via Pocket-Lint]

Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S Announced from Seoul

A press release from Samsung announces officially a collaboration with Geiogio Armani and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announcing officially the Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S, a rather fabulous looking phone if I do say so myself. It's what they call an "exclusive edition" smartphone that has a SUPER AMOLED display, looking good they say even in direct sunlight, including such features as integrated messaging, SWYPE typing, and Android Market access. It's sophisticated, distinct, has an Armani-patterened back metal cover, is only 9.9 mm and has the GIORGIO ARMANI name brand right up front for the world to see.