Samsung Rugby Smart hands-on

Easily one of the best things about Android is its ability to cover the entire market: whatever your hardware or budget needs are, you can probably find a phone that fits them. The Samsung Rugby Smart is now on sale at AT&T, and it presents a fascinating little section of the market: mid-range hardware and specifications combined with a true ruggedized chassis for a small but tough Gingerbread phone. Samsung was kind enough to send us a review unit, and we immediately set to trying the Rugby Smart out.

Add Beats audio to any Gingerbread ROM [UPDATE]

Jealous of HTC's partnership with the Beats audio company, coming to an HTC One phone near you? If you know your way around a custom recovery, you needn't be. Like Sense UI before it, HTC's proprietary audio technology has made its way to other phones thanks to XDA Developers member fuss123 (never change, guys). He's reverse-engineered the Beats application, which is basically an advanced equalizer, and wrapped it up in a flashable package that works on any ROM based on Android Gingerbread, stock or custom. As if you needed more confirmation that Android modders know how to rock.

Motorola DROID X gets a massive bug fix update

It's been many moons since the original Motorola DROID X (released way back in the summer of 2010) got some of the old OTA love. Today Verizon announced a long overdue software update that fixes a host of bugs in the latest official Gingerbread build. DX users can get the update now via the manual method, or just wait for the update message to appear on your phone. And if you're still running stock, you'll definitely want the update.

Samsung Rugby Smart announced for AT&T: ruggedized mid-range for $99

Looking for a smartphone that can take a beating but won't break the bank? The Samsung Rugby Smart might be right up your alley. The phone gets its moniker from a chassis that can handle dust, water and extreme temperatures, in addition to being a pretty respectable smartphone in and of itself. The 3.7-inch phone gets a standard Samsung Super AMOLED display, making it roughly the equal of the original Galaxy S line. (By the way, no Galaxy in the name? Freaky.) the Rugby goes on sale at AT&T store starting on March 4th, with a two-year contract price of $99.99.

Motorola prepares Gingerbread update for the Cliq 2 – yes, really

I've got some wonderful news for the eight people that still own a Motorola Cliq 2 on T-Mobile! Your prayers have been answered, and you'll soon be getting an official update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. All it took was 13 months after the Cliq 2's January 2011 release, and a full 14 months after the availability of Gingerbread itself. So.... hooray. If you'd like to get in on the action a little early, you can head over to the official Motorola forum and sign up to beta test the update for the manufacturer. The new software still includes the MOTOBLUR UI layer.

DROID XYBOARD root works on all current Moto 2.3 and 3.0 devices

Good news, Motorola modders: the root method developed for the Motorola DROID XYBOARD 10.1 and DROID XYBOARD 8.2 should work on just about every current Motorola device out there. The developer of the XYBOARD root method (among many, many others) Dan Rosenberg said that the exploit, which he calls "Motofail", should work on Motorola devices running Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Since that encompasses pretty much every Motorola device released in the last six months, it's a major boon to the community.

Archos shows off new Arnova 8b G2

Americans aren't all that familiar with the Arnova line, a family of tablets that's even cheaper than Archos' (already cheap) main line of Android tablets. The latest member is the Arnova 8b G2, a slight update to the 8 G2. This one still runs Gingerbread on an 8-inch screen, but it goes without physical buttons - an indication that it may be getting a sweet software upgrade sooner rather than later. In the meantime, Android's navigation buttons are moved to the status bar, a design decision seen on many cheap Gingerbread tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 surfaces — smartphone on a budget

Samsung doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon with their wide array of Android "Galaxy" named smartphones. Recently uncovered is the new Galaxy Mini 2, a follow up to the original Mini. It features similar low-end specs and will most definetaly come with a low-end or free on contract price too. More details below.

Fujitsu’s Stylistic M350 tablet makes us laugh derisively

Android tablets are getting better, especially if you do a little research before you buy. That said, consider this post all the research you need for Fujitsu's new tablet bound for Japan. The Stylistic M350 is overpriced, underpowered and underdone - if it were a loaf of bread, it wouldn't need a few extra minutes in the over ad a swift chuck into the nearest garbage can. What inspires this complete lack of confidence in the new tablet? Read on, Android enthusiasts, and cringe.

Android distribution: Gingerbread gains slightly, ICS breaks the 1% mark

When last we saw Google's official numbers for the distribution of Android versions among the 250,000,000 devices out there, Android 4.0 made its debut with just .6% of measured devices. One month later the number of Ice Cream Sandwich phones and tablets has almost doubled! ...which is a nicer thing to say than "it's got a whole percent of devices." Between the handful of official releases of ICS, one in every hundred Android devices is running the latest software version. Not great, but not unexpected just ten weeks after its open-source debut.
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