MetroPCS launches Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G

MetroPCS is adding a new device to its smartphone lineup. The new device is an upgrade to the Samsung Admire. It adds 4G LTE connectivity to the entry-level Samsung smartphone. Besides 4G connectivity, the device also comes equipped with some other upgrades and improvements, and it maintains an affordable price tag.

Android distribution numbers for November see Jelly Bean making gains

Google has released the Android platform distribution numbers for November, and things are starting to look up for Jelly Bean. Whereas Jelly Bean only held a 2.7% share in October, it was up to 6.7% in November. That's not too bad when you think about the sheer number of Android handsets out there, but of course, Gingerbread is still reigning supreme as it's running on 50.8% of handsets according to the data.

Jelly Bean install base rising slowly, Ice Cream Sandwich growing faster

It's time for the update on Android install bases again. It's always interesting to see which versions of Android are growing, which ones are shrinking, and what percentage of Android owners are still hanging around with the old versions. The data from this report is generated based on devices accessing Google Play in a two-week period, which in this case is the period up to November 1. The story of this report is the incredibly slow growth of Jelly Bean, and the solid growth of Ice Cream Sandwich.

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Ultra 960C coming to Alltel Wireless

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH and Alltel Wireless just announced that they are bringing the ONE TOUCH Ultra 960C to stores and online. It comes with a 4.3-inch capacitive multi-touch display, which is not going to set the world on fire, but it's available for a very affordable price. This is certainly not a top of the line Android device, but for new Android users not looking to drop big money on a phone, this might be a good choice.

T-Mobile Concord announced as most affordable smartphone – just $99

The folks at T-Mobile just dropped the news regarding their newest Android smartphone to grace customers nationwide. It's called the T-Mobile Concord and is being touted as their "most affordable smartphone." This new device is a contract free and budget friendly. They're calling it the perfect phone for first time smartphone buyers. More details below.

Nikon Coolpix S800c Android smart camera gets official for $349

It's official: Today the folks over at Nikon have beat Samsung and many others to the punch by announcing their all new Android powered smart camera known as the Coolpix S800c. This 16 megapixel shooter surely will beat anything else in your pocket running Android, oh and did we mention it's a Nikon?

Nikon’s Android-powered Coolpix S800 pictures leak

Rumors of Nikon making an Android-powered smart camera have been popping up lately, but today we might have our first look at what to expect. That isn't all either because according to some newly leaked pictures from Nikon Rumors, the popular photography company could have two Android cameras coming soon.

Google Translate Android update adds image translation

Google has unleashed a pretty major update for its Google Translate app, and it adds quite a few things users will find of interest. Most importantly, it adds the ability to translate text from pictures, and it only requires that you snap an image and highlight the text you want to translate with your finger. Google takes care of the rest after that, but it should be noted that this feature requires an Internet connection to work, so it may not be a good idea to translate every sign you see while globetrotting unless you've got access to a Wi-Fi network.
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