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Five great last-minute gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

Need a gift idea for Dad this Father’s Day? The day is fast approaching, and if you need some ideas for a last-minute gift, we’ve compiled a few you can typically pick up while out and about. Dads can be hard to shop for, but our list will have you looking like the best kid he’s ever had.  

PayPal now supporting prepaid gift cards

PayPal has added support for prepaid gift cards. With no coincidence in timing, the folks at PayPal have added this "just in time for the holidays." Basically, this means PayPal users will be able to spend any prepaid gift cards through PayPal Checkout. And while this will also benefit PayPal, it should be helpful for those who have struggled trying to use a prepaid gift card online in the past.

Google Play Store gift cards arrive in Australia later this month

Like many of Google's services, their Play Store gift cards initially launched with availability being in the US only. Slowly but surely we've seen their Play Music and other services expand to other regions, and the gift card option is doing the same. We've recently been tipped that gift card support is coming to Australia later this month.

HTC looking to boost One sales with $25 Play Store gift cards

The guys over at HTC that have been working hard to make their flagship HTC One smartphone a success aren't slowing down. Recently we learned they've sold over 5 million smartphones already, and expect numbers to only grow. However, in an attempt to keep the momentum going HTC is now giving all those who buy the new HTC One a free $25 Google Play Store gift card.

Google Play Store gift cards headed to Canada

For those Android loving users up in Canada that have been hoping to be able to use Google's Play Store gift cards, we have some good news. After Google initially launched the service in the US only, it's slowly making its way to other regions around the globe. Earlier this month they launched Gift cards for the UK, and we're hearing Canada is next.

Motorola entices buyers with free $50 Play Store gift card

Starting today and going until March 4th, those who opt to purchase one of the many different smartphones currently available from the guys at Motorola will get a nice little gift in return. For eligible smartphones, after purchase users will get a free $50 gift card for the Google Play Store. With many new smartphones on the horizon it appears that Motorola is trying to steal a few more sales real quick.

Facebook introduces ‘gift cards’ for sending a gift offline too

Today we've learned that the folks from Facebook and good old Zuck have begin rolling out a brand new service. What service is that you ask? The official Facebook Gift Card. Yup, you'll now be able to enjoy those birthday or rare occasions even with your online friends by sending them a gift card of your choice. The concept and system in which these work is actually quite interesting so read on below.
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