Dot Dot game lands on Android

We are always keen for a new game to play around here, and a new one has landed recently on Google Play called Dot Dot. The game sounds simple enough, but promises to be very challenging as it moves on. In the game, players line up dots to match other dots on the screen.

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary game for Android introduced

If you don’t know what Boulder Dash is, then maybe you’ve been living under a rock or was born in the new millennium. I’m not concealing my age here but I know the Boulder Dash game is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Originally released in 1984 by First Star Software, the Boulder Dash creators Peter Liepa and Chris Gray collaborated once again to bring this new version of the game for Android.

The Wolf Among Us now available on Google Play Store

If you enjoyed the award-winning Fables graphic novel series and you have an Android device, then this is a game you should definitely have on your smartphone or tablet. The Wolf Among Us is an offshoot from that series and this game was developed by the same guys that brought you The Walking Dead game. Even though this is a point and click game and not an action one, it is still very much for mature audiences due to the subject matter and the violence and gore within the game.

LINE Pop 2 arrives with more patterns, special blocks

Messaging apps used to be all about, well, messaging, but a lot of them have evolved into something more to stand out of the crowd. One of the most popular ones is LINE and in 2012, they introduced games into their apps. The first game they released was LINE Pop, and now, two years later, they're releasing the sequel called, unsurprisingly, LINE Pop 2. If you're into the whole 3-in-a-row type of games and you love the characters on LINE, then this game would be right up your alley.

ASUS gamepad for Nexus Player available by late November

The Nexus Player is Google’s first real marketable offering for Android TV – with a big boost from gadget manufacturer ASUS. The Nexus Player has the specs enough to be a reliable casual gaming console as well, especially with the ability to connect Bluetooth gaming controllers. This is why ASUS’s dedicated gaming controllers for the Nexus Player – the ASUS Gamepad – may very much be in demand as the holiday season rolls in.

Monster Strike arrives for North American Android users

Monster Strike, one of those monster collecting game franchises that have become so popular in Japan (*cough* Pokemon, Digimon *cough*), has arrived for North American Android users as well after being one of the top games in Japan for so long now. It is being pushed by social networking outfit mixi and is now being made available for Android (and iOS) users.

Deep Loot lets you discover the depths of the ocean

You may not have the chance to go to the beach or explore the ocean because of the cold weather right now but you can still discover things under water with Deep Loot. It’s a new game for Android that is all about swimming, digging, and fighting your way to explore the ocean and find some hidden treasures.

Fellice Android game lets you play around with cell organisms

If you're a frustrated microbiologist or you just have a thing for cell-like organisms moving around (and not under a microscope), then this new Android game might just capture your attention. No, don't worry, it isn't a tutorial about how cells reproduce and all that, but Felllice looks just like a microbiology lesson but more fun for those who don't really understand it. The developer calls it as an "interpretative simulation game of cell life" but without all the lectures.

Nexon Mobile releases Legion of Heroes MMORPG for Android

So the buzz for Legion of Heroes, Nexon Mobile’s newest PC quality MMORPG for Android, has been building up for quite a while. The game was expected to launch in July, but more testing and development had to happen – pushing to the launch to, well, now. Legion of Heroes is now officially available on Android.