Help your heroes escape through matching in Tiny Warriors game

There are games that can be won through sheer firepower and brute force. There are those that can be won by your intellectual prowess in solving seemingly impossible puzzles. There are games that can be settled through your excellent hand-eye coordination and sheer tenacity. And then there are those games where victory comes through the ability to put together three shapes and colors, and also sheer dumb luck in the "throw" of the game. Tiny Warriors, a new Android game, is all about that fourth reason.

Spin your phone around with the new Spin Commander game for Android

You've heard of and probably played mobile games that move objects around in order to win. But have you played one where you would have to move your smartphone itself in order to beat the opponent? Well, if your device is equipped with a gyroscope, then you'll be able to take advantage of this rotation detecting sensor and use it for various apps and games. One such game is called Spin Commander and it is now available for Android devices.

‘This War Of Mine’ available now for Android pre-order, get free PC copy [UPDATED]

Most war games on Android will feature you either as a commander of an army who moves troops and vehicles around the battlefield, or a soldier right there in the thick of the battle. But the indie produced game “This War of Mine” hits you right in the grim reality feels – that in war there are civilians who are affected. This is the premise of the game produced by 11 Bit Studios initially for PC but is now available for pre-order on Android.

Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter to arrive at the Play Store next month

We should be used to this by now, as this is obviously not the first time a game has been introduced via iOS first before hitting Android. In some cases, the delay even takes years – so the 1 month delay of Bethesda’s “Fallout Shelter” mobile game coming from the Apple ecosystem to Android should not discourage Fallout fans out there.

‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ coming soon from Mojang, Telltale Games

Hardcore Minecraft fans, rejoice! Just when you're getting bored with all those pixels, a new project by Telltale Games and Mojang is being introduced to tickle your fancy. It's a new game that brings story mode to Minecraft as a standalone game. This new game mode allows the player to make his own choices within the story as part of a narrative. This one isn't just being prepared for Android as it will also be available for Windows, iOS, OS X, Xbox, Playstation consoles before the year 2015 ends.

Nintendo prefers using “free to start” term for free games

While a lot of mobile users would prefer to always see the term "free" when looking for games to play on their devices, the head of one of the biggest game providers would rather not use the term "free to play" in describing the games that they put out, as it gives a different impression. He would rather people know that they can play the games for free at first, and then they have the option to making real-life payments later on, if they want to finish the game faster or advance further.

Show your archery skills, beat the zombies in “Dead Among Us”

Zombies are real. Believe me and there are a lot of them in this first-person shooter game by Rolocule Games called ‘Dead Among Us’. This is another addictive game that will make you sit there on the couch playing for hours because it’s just so fun to shoot ‘em zombies. The walking dead are your greatest enemies and you will have to face them in numerous quests across many towns.

Groove Coaster 2 finally arrives for Android devices

You've probably seen it on viral videos from Japan's arcade or you've seen some of your friends on other mobile platforms play it on their devices. But now finally, the finger-tapping, rhythm-pulsating game Groove Coaster has finally arrived on Android devices. The mobile game has been upgraded from Groove Coaster Zero to Groove Coaster 2, bringing the same gameplay that has captured the attention of music loving gamers and now with an additional feature that might appeal to those who fancy themselves as ambient musicians.

Enjoy racing and destroying cars in Demolition Derby: Crash Racing

On paper, demolition derby racing seems like a lot of fun. Who wouldn't want to race cars all over roads while repeatedly ramming into your opponents' cars and not having to suffer criminal consequences for it? But of course in real life, it is messy, expensive, and sometimes kind of dangerous. So good thing, there are mobile games out there that will let you experience this. at least digitally. Demolition Derby: Crash Racing is one such game that you can enjoy on your Android devices.

Running Circles will have you spinning round and round until you’re dazed

If you're the type who likes games that will make you dizzy, here's another one for you: Running Circles. This new arcade mobile game will make you spinning round and round and round until you get dazed. Game can be pretty addictive that before you know it, you've been playing for hours. Gameplay is really simple as it's a one touch game that requires you to just move from Circle to Circle. Move within and outside the circles. Make sure you're running inside or outside the peripherals.