Learn basic coding by helping The Doctor in new BBC game

Learning to code can sometimes be a very tedious task, particularly if you're someone not that crazy about details or numbers and figures. But if you think it's a necessary skill you have to acquire, then there are ways to help you out or get you more interested in it. BBC believes more people would want to learn it if it's put into a game format. That's precisely what they've done with the release of The Doctor and the Dalek, a new game for tablets released on Android and other platforms today.

Son of Light Android game lets you shoot your way through space

Sometimes, at the end of the day (or at the beginning), all you want to play on your mobile device is a brainless yet challenging game where you can just shoot things. The "Shoot Them Up" type of arcade games were hugely popular back in the day, and now several developers have been bringing them back for your blazing enjoyment. Son of Light is one of the newest in the block, and you can shoot them all up while traveling at the speed of light.

Humble Mobile Bundle features Cartoon Network games [UPDATE]

The great guys over at Humble Bundle have something new for all you mobile and casual gamers out there – presenting the Humble Cartoon Network Mobile Bundle. This is a collection of more than a dozen Cartoon Network game apps available for you at the low, low price of somewhere around USD$8.00.

Build your own fleet of cities in Maritime Kingdom

What do you look for in a city-building game? Great-looking graphics? Challenging tasks and gameplay? Adventurous storyline? A new game of this ilk is out to convince you to start building ships and go to the four corners of the globe and develop your kingdom, until you become a power to reckon with. Do you have what it takes (and do you have time?) to build your Maritime Kingdom?

Evolve your powers with Hunters Quest companion game for Android

One of the much buzzed-about games that came out of E3 last year was Evolve, a monster vs hunters multiplayer game that will be coming soon to a game console (PS4, Windows, Xbox One) near you this February. But in the meantime, a companion game available on mobile platforms will help you get ready for your new adventure, and it will even help you build and train your hunters when they will eventually arrive for full gameplay.

PPSSPP 1.0: You guessed it, a PSP emulator on Android

We’ve been wondering why there was no legit project out there for an emulator to enable playing PSP (classic) games on Android devices, given that hardware specs for Android devices are on the up. But it seems our wondering days are over. Welcome PPSSPP 1.0, from the same emulator team that brought you Dolphin for PC, a Nintendo Wii emulator.

Level Up! Heroes of Might & Magic III HD, OUYA, and cats

Build your own fantasy kingdom and, instead of just growing it with cutesy in-app items and fighting off even cuter monsters, defend it against seriously badass angles, demons, and mages. Or maybe you're more into cats. Lots and lots of cats. Which ever way you swing, we've got you covered in this week's edition of Level Up! But first, a few words from everyone's favorite, or previous favorite, champion of Android console gaming.

Get the ball in the hole in Ultraflow

"Minimalist yet complex" is something that we often find in the description of a lot of games now (thanks a lot Flappy Bird and its ilk). One of the latest games to sport this tagline is Ultraflow, and if you're up to the challenge of trying to put a small ball in a hole (we're looking at you, golfers, or virtual golfers at the least), then you might want to check out Ultraflow, a new game now available on Android devices.

Hand-drawn Steampunker game now available on Android tablet

The steampunk "movement" is a reimagining of 19th century Western civilization, specifically the Industrial Revolution or the Victorian Era in Britain, in science fiction and fantasy literature, which has crossed over to movies, TV shows, and even cosplay. The theme and look has also sometimes been adapted by game developers, but none more so than Steampunker (the name is a dead giveaway), an award-winning game that has now launched its Android tablet edition.