Test your sense of rhythm (and color) with DittoBeat

If you liked rhythm games on your game consoles like Dance Dance Revolution, Let's Dance, Guitar Hero, and the likes, you might want to download this new game onto your smartphone or tablet. You won't be doing any actual dancing or strumming a faux guitar however, as it's only your sense of rhythm, your color identification, and your hand-eye coordination will be tested in DittoBeat: Repeat Music Rhythm, now available for Android devices.

Gameplay video of upcoming MMORPG Forsaken World now out

The MMORPG game called “Forsaken World” is actually a counterpart of a PC game – same gameplay and rules – of the same name. While we wait for this game to show its face in beta format or something of that sort to be able to test it out, we will just have to satisfy ourselves with this gameplay trailer. For now.

OUYA in trouble, company needs a serious buyer

No official announcement has been made by the company or any of its executives yet but Ouya seems to be in trouble. An email was recently leaked, believed to have a mention of the company being in debt and in need of a buyer. CEO Julie Uhrman was said to have sent this information to advisors and investors. This was after the Ouya-Alibaba deal worth $10 million was launched. Alibaba has invested in Ouya, in hopes that the latter will be saved.

Pinball Sniper gives a new “endless” twist to classic game

If you're a child of the 80s, and maybe even 90s, and you loved arcade games (and we mean, the literal arcade) then you probably grew up with Pinball fever. But as with a lot of classic games nowadays, when it becomes turned into a mobile game, then developers can add twists and turns. A new Android game called Pinball Sniper turns your (supposed) favorite game into a seemingly endless game, and lets you aim for more than just keeping the pinball in play.

Mini Motor Racing WRT gives you cute cars, global racing action

When Mini Motor Racing came out, we were all treated to a visually great racing game with cute little cars. Not only that, the racing controls were really above average and it was a joy to race while looking at a graphically rich screen. Now the follow-up game has come out, called “Mini Motor Racing WRT” where the initials stand for “World Racing Tour”, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it like you enjoyed the first one.

Broken Age point-and-click adventure finally arrives on Android

The hype behind Tim Schafer’s “Broken Age” was unbelievable, even when it was just a Kickstarter project in the beginning. The market for point-and-click adventure games is steadily growing, and Broken Age’s popularity – especially in the iOS platform where it first launched – is just evidence for that fact. Now the game is finally arriving on Android, ten months after it was initially launched.

One Finger Death Punch wants you to fight battles, kung-fu style

If you hear the title "One Finger Death Punch", you'd think it's one easy mobile game. True enough, game is so easy because you only need a few left and right taps just to finish one stage. You can finally live your kung-fu master dreams and fight in some cinematic kung-fu battles with this app. It's one game that boasts of a 1:1 response time for faster and more immediate feedback.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 now available on Android

Admit it or not, most of your childhood must be all about Disney movies, stories, and characters. I bet you still haven't gotten over The Lion King's Circle of Life scene or that Under the Sea moment of Ariel and Sebastian. For this generation, there's the (now annoying) Frozen kids don't seem to get tired of. Earlier this month, the classic DuckTales game was remastered for this generation but for a high price of $9.99. And recently, Disney Infinity has released an update on the Tox Boy app.