Arcade game ReRave Plus now available as a mobile game on Android

For the five people (okay, maybe five hundred) who still play arcade games in the mall or an actual arcade, the ideal scenario would be to create mobile versions of your favorite games so you can take them anywhere with you. That's what a lot of developers are currently doing, and the latest one to be adapted to your smartphone or tablet is ReRave Plus, which combines "music, rhythm, and touch accuracy" to make a game that can both be a productivity killer and a challenge as well.

Level Up ! The Top 5 Games of April 2015

Another action packed month has passed in the Android world and it's time to bring you April's pick of addictive and fascinating games.With the arrival of Avengers: Age of Ultron on the big screen, you'd think that Marvel-ous titles would be our top pick for this month. Sadly, that isn't the case, though one new possible winner came a bit too late to the party. Nonetheless, April still had its fill of explosive games. In fact, they might be too many to mention all once. To help guide your attention, we bring our top 5 choices for April 2015.

Wings Remastered now available on Android

Because technology is quickly pushing to HD, Ultra HD, and QHD, any image or video graphics must also be updated. When it comes to graphics, designers remaster them to give an instant uplift of design. Aside from making HD versions of videos, some games are being remastered. Remember DuckTales from the 80s? That one is now in HD, ready to satisfy the current generation.

Dragon Blaze is one fable of dynamic battles, dragons, and allies

Any game with dragon-slaying is worthy of a geek's attention. Dragons may not be real but at least fantasies of defeating them can be lived in games like the Dragon Blaze. This new role playing game (RPG) involves a human, a descendant of the Boden tribe, trying to fight an eternal war with the dragons led by the dragon king known as Deathcrown.

Game of Thrones Ascent now on Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire

If you're a huge fan of Game of Thrones (either the books or the TV show or both) and you have a Kindle Fire, you must have been extremely frustrated when the new game Game of Thrones: Ascent was released a few weeks ago on the Google Play Store. But now, your patience will be justly rewarded as the game is also now available on the Amazon Appstore. Finally, you will be able to explore Westeros and pledge your loyalty to one of the houses!

Defend humans from a horde of zombies in World Zombination

In a world where crazy zombies are taking over, one survivor must make a stand and be a hero to the rest of the surviving humans. World Zombination is another multiplayer online game that lets the player be the hero of cities being attacked by a horde of zombies aka The Infected. They won’t stop attacking the nation and they will only continue to reproduce zombie drones until they take over the world.

Tekken and Galaga team up for a fun, new Android game

If you grew up on Galaga on the Nintendo Family Computer, you've probably sent countless afternoons (or evenings or mornings) just shooting your way through the game. Then you grew up a little and then got addicted to Tekken on your Sony Playstation, hitting and kicking your way to victory. Now, these two games have found their way to each other, bringing Galaga: Tekken Edition to your Android devices, giving you another reason for your battery to run out and your productivity to go down.

Survive permadeath and escape dark dungeons in TinyKeep

Don't belittle and think this is an easy game because of the name but TinyKeep will get you hooked playing for hours. It's another RPG that will make you, as the hero, go into the darkness and try to escape the forgotten dungeons. You're a hopeless prisoner alright but you still can have the power to escape and help free other prisoners as well. Venture into beautiful but deadly environments and escape TinyKeep.

Lego Star Wars game collection now available for Android devices

The new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, is still 7 months away, but expect a continuous bombardment of everything Star Wars over the next few months (and we don't really mind at all). Of course Lego is never far behind any pop culture phenomena, and this time, they're bringing together all the Star Wars video games in one collection, combining together the original LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game and the sequel LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy.