Let’s Go Rocket will make you fly endlessly, as high as you can

Let's Go Rocket is another endless action game that will make you playing for hours. The objective of the game is to see how far you can fly up. There's no end to this but you need to launch the rocket and avoid the obstacles while you look for ways to boost the rocket by collecting the gems you see.

Get high on fuel (not literally) with Car Racing 3D game

Another day, another racing game hits the Android market. If you're not into that sort of game genre, then this news will not appeal to you. But if you love trying out new racing games in your quest to find your favorite one, then you'll be excited to know there's a new kid on the block. Car Racing 3D: High On Fuel lets your race through the streets of Trip Island for an adrenaline rush that only a mobile racing game can give you.

Explore a distant alien planet in Exiles, free version now available

Several months after Exiles, an adventure in an alien world, was released for Android, a free version of the Sci-Fi 3D role playing game is now ready for download. It's just the free version so don't expect you'll experience the full game set in a distant planet that's been driven to desolation and isolation. The evil government tries to bring in a lethal virus to enslave the people and anyone trying to rule the planet.

Bring the creatures back home with your voice in WUUUUUUUUUUUU

If you hear the person beside you just "wuuuwing" at their smartphone, don't worry, they're not scaring their device into submission. Most probably, they are playing a game called, what else, WUUUUUUUUUUUU. The only way to win is by talking to your smartphone, and telling it, you guessed it, WUUUUUUUUUUUU until the creatures that you are helping finally get home to the house they're supposed to be in. This simple but highly unique game is now available on Android devices.

Teaser trailers from Star Wars: Uprising, Rayman Adventures

We feature two upcoming games today, both coming out with teaser trailers for all of us. First up is the new RPG from Kabam called “Star Wars: Uprising”, adding to the hype leading towards the new Star Wars movie coming out soon. The second game is from Ubisoft called “Rayman Adventures”, an addition to its Rayman franchise of games.

Escape collapsing building, save mankind with your flying rocket

If you're into action games that challenge your speed and escaping skills, here's a new adventure for you: Escape. The title alone describes that this game from developer Ketchapp will require you to escape from all the atrocities in a world where destruction is common. You ought to escape before it's too late for you to save mankind who's been abandoned for some time. In this game, you are challenged to escape buildings that are about to collapse. If not buildings, mountains are sinking into the ground and you have no choice but to get out---as fast as you can!

‘Play!’ is a PlayStation 2 emulator project for Android

Don’t tell us that this hasn’t crossed you mind, sitting there with a robust smartphone like the OnePlus One, the Sony Xperia Z3 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could play Final Fantasy X on my Android device?” For most hardcore gamers, this will have happened, at some point in time or another. There isn’t a stable emulator for the PlayStation 2 on Android YET, but it’s not stopping Jean-Philip Desjardins, a hobbyist programmer, from trying.

Go against the undead, defend towers in ‘Last Hope – Heroes Zombie TD’

More zombies are coming your way. There will never be an end to these walking dead going after you. 'Last Hope - Heroes Zombie' is another tower defense strategy game that involves the zombie horde and you. Go on an all out war against them as a powerful hero, complete with the most epic skills and gear. You are humanity’s last hope. You and the other multiple heroes are called to defend several towers and use them for your strategy. Be smart and be more powerful with all the gear and skills you can gather.

Win the Tour de France digitally in official Android game

Cycling may not be the most beloved or exciting of sports, but it does have its share of die-hard fans who would follow the biggest tournaments, who would know the biggest names, and would follow the latest events. If you're one of those people or if you want to get to know a new sport, even digitally, then you would want to play this new Android game, which is the official companion game of the biggest cycling tournament, the Tour de France.

Help your heroes escape through matching in Tiny Warriors game

There are games that can be won through sheer firepower and brute force. There are those that can be won by your intellectual prowess in solving seemingly impossible puzzles. There are games that can be settled through your excellent hand-eye coordination and sheer tenacity. And then there are those games where victory comes through the ability to put together three shapes and colors, and also sheer dumb luck in the "throw" of the game. Tiny Warriors, a new Android game, is all about that fourth reason.