Unlock interlocking puzzles in new game called … Interlock

When it comes to puzzle games on mobile devices, usually it's either you match things of the same color or kind, or you put things together, or you try to find your way out of mazes and such. But this new game, available now for Android smartphones and tablets, lets you deconstruct the complicated wooden puzzles that are too interlocked with each other that they just need to be pulled apart. And of course, the game's name is Interlock, which is the opposite of what you should be doing.

Bring out your inner vigilante in Hotline Miami now on Android

"Do you like hurting other people?" That's the question that will be posed to you once you start playing this new Android game called Hotline Miami. And no, this is not an S&M sort of game, although it sounds like it. But it still falls under the category of "not safe for kids" as this ultra violent action game deals with murder, criminals, gore and a late 80s Miami setting, so you know what to expect.

EA Sports UFC finally brings Ronda Rousey, other women into the game

It's taken them a while to bring "diversity" into the sport, or at least into the mobile game, but finally women are featuring in the latest update of the EA Sports UFC mobile game for Android devices. The most popular and arguably best women's fighter in the world Ronda Rousey is not only in the game itself, but is also now the cover athlete and the game icon, cementing her status as the current poster child for the mixed martial arts sport.

Rumors: OUYA plans sale of company to Razer

When OUYA came out of its developers’ heads and into its very successful Kickstarter campaign, people were sure it was going to be a surefire hit that will compete with standard gaming consoles by bringing casual gaming to big screen TVs. In a sense, OUYA came out too early for its own good. After the initial rush, OUYA has struggled to create a market for itself, especially with Android TV offerings now abounding. It has put itself up for sale, and rumor says gaming outfit Razer is interested.

Be the king of the high seas in Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay

Pirates may not be the most in thing right now, as compared to zombies and such, but we will never run out of people who are still fascinated with these kings of the high seas. And if you have a secret dream to become one but have neither the ship nor the crew (nor the desire to go to prison), at least you can practice on your mobile devices. The latest game to take on a pirating adventure is Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay.

Million Arthur is a card-based RPG by Square Enix and Gamevil

Square Enix is pushing out into new territories, coming with a card battle RPG called “Million Arthur”. The game has previously been released in South Korea, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, but today – through Gamevil as partner – the game is being released globally. Gamevil is starting with 15 territories today, and will later include North America, Europe and other markets.

Machinima releases Android app, puts content within reach

Machinima started as a Youtube channel, that’s probably where you’ve heard of them first. Their main gag was using game videos, gameplay replays to make original movies, humor clips, music videos, and whatnot. Now they’re trying to get their content closer to users by making it available through an app – free to download via the Google Play Store.

Doodle Draw is first Facebook game on Messenger

Since Facebook announced last April that they were opening up the Messenger API to app developers, we knew it was only a matter of time until games finally come on board. But while there were a lot of GIFs, video, and even talking pet apps, we had yet to see one that you could really call a game on this message platform. But now, the first "official" game has arrived, and Doodle Draw may be something familiar to those who played a similar game a few years back.