Playworld Superheroes lets kids live out superhero dreams

Each word in the game title is enough to convince you and me that this one is for the kiddos. But this isn't your typical kiddie game. It's similar to Minecraft in a sense that you can create your very own superhero. Nope, no pixels and bricks but real materials (real at least in the digital world). You're just a kid so you can use crayons to make your own costume more attractive. Even adults like you and me would love to create costumes and bring your imagination to 3D.

Humble Mobile Bundle 11 rolls in with six games, more following [UPDATED]

If you don’t know what the Humble Bundle is all about, we ask you to come out of that rock you’ve been hiding in for this long. The Humble Bundle is not just about giving gamers video games on the cheap, it’s about getting the gamers to give money to great causes and charities – something you wouldn’t have thought possible. Now they’re back with the Humble Mobile Bundle 11 – giving you (initially) 6 games in the bundle, depending on how much you give.

Random Heroes 3 2D shooter game now available on Android

They say that all great film franchises come in trilogies (well, most of them that are great anyways) and maybe that can apply to games too. The final part of the popular and critically praised Random Heroes trilogy has finally made its way to Android smartphones and tablets. Now you can blast your way into saving the earth from invading aliens through this 2D shooter game.

Razer Forge TV console went up for pre-order, pulled back out

The Razer Forge TV – the same one we fell in love with at CES 2015 – actually went up for pre-order on Amazon yesterday, but was quickly pulled back out for reasons still unknown. If you’re thinking the Razer Forge TV is just one of those set-top boxes, then you’re in for a surprise. Razer is known for its gaming products – so with a TV box showing all the trimmings of Razer’s gaming culture – you should expect some kick-butt Android gaming at the very least.

Eternal Fate now available in its full MMORPG glory for Android devices

If you're a huge fan of MMROPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game for the uninitiated) but you're kind of sick and tired of Clash of Clans or any game that has the word clash or clans in it, you might want to try out a new game. Eternal Fate has been around for some time now but on beta mode. This time, you can experience the full version as it's now available for real, for Android smartphones and tablets.

SNK Playmore brings Fatal Fury Special to Android

SNK brings another one of its classic franchises into Android by porting Fatal Fury Special into an app via the Google Play Store. Most of SNK Playmore’s games – if you check their app line-up – will either be related to the King of Fighters or Metal Slug line of games. But at least we’re getting one not just for variation’s sake, but a total classic of a fighting game as well.

Explore a new world of poker in Swords & Poker Adventures

Seeing swords and a poker game being combined together isn't surprising and some geeks at Konami are taking advantage of how fun it would be by releasing the Swords & Poker Adventures game for Android. You can practice your poker skills with this if you want a quick poker game fix. This isn't just any game of poker as you have to beat ugly monsters along the way. It's a free puzzle game but in-app purchases are offered.

Become the ninja you’ve always wanted to be in Ninja Shuriken

Deep down inside, almost everyone of us (well, at least the "normal" ones) probably secretly want to be a ninja. Our fascination with the Japanese "covert agents" have spanned decades of movies, manga, TV shows, merchandise, and eventually, video games. A new Android mobile game lets you realize your dream of becoming a ninja and helping defend the helpless through your kick-ass and stealthy moves. Are you ready to release the power of the Ninja Shuriken?

DUAL! multiplayer game lets you shoot bullets across two screens

Multiplayer games being played over Bluetooth connectivity on two or more mobile devices are nothing new. The only challenge for people who enjoy playing such is finding a game that is really fun and enjoyable to play with another person. Developed by Seabaa, DUAL is a new local multiplayer game that involves two players to shoot bullets. No, not real bullets coming from guns but just bullets seen on two screens. You can either play a DUEL or DEFEND mode depending on your mood. Choose to be competitive in a duel or cooperative by defending your base.

Level Up! The Top 5 Games of March 2015

Greetings gamers and true believers and welcome to the latest edition of Android Community's Level Up!, where we bring you the latest and greatest games and news that have come across our radars for the past few days. In this round, we're doing something a bit different for a change. We're bringing you not just what's new, but also what's hot, or alternatively, what's not. Presenting our selection of the 5 top games for March 2015, starting with number 5.