NVIDIA coming up with a Tegra X1-powered SHIELD Tablet

The news that NVIDIA will be coming up with an upgraded version of its highly successful and acclaimed SHIELD Tablet comes as no surprise, especially as we were treated last week to an unveiling of the octa-core monster that is the Tegra X1 at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas. The new SHIELD Tablet in the works is likely to feature the Tegra X1 as its processor.

Broadsword: Age of Chivalry is a Tegra-optimized strategy game

When we hear the word “chivalry”, that medieval term has somehow been equated to being a gentleman (in the modern sense of the word). In the Middle Ages, chivalry was usually about the correct and proper way of fighting. Well, there’s certainly lots of fighting in Broadsword: Age of Chivalry, a turn-based strategy game with graphics that can scale up to devices that are NVIDIA Tegra-powered.

Soul Seeker: This RPG will blow your mind, extreme challenge for the hero in you

There are hundreds probably thousands of RPGs (role-playing game) out there but only a few will blow your mind.  Soul Seeker is one of our few favorites because of the thrilling  and non-stop battles. If you've been playing this game, you can continue enjoying the the unique battle system by assembling the most powerful team os super heroes with a special support system.

Become part of virtual mythology in Immortal Odyssey

Mythology has been a huge part of the development of a lot of different kinds of games (actual and virtual) with its huge cast of gods, heroes, demons, villains, and other creatures that make the adventure even more interesting. A new game on Android draws on Chinese mythology to create the fantastical world of Immortal Odyssey, a turn-based RPG that has one goal, and that is to win the battle to achieve immortal life.

Play Versus Space Battle with a friend on your mobile phone

Mobile games are oftentimes a solitary sport, but there are times when you'd want to play with a friend on your smartphone right? Right? Well, whatever feelings you may have about two people holding on to one device, you have to agree it's a novel idea, and brings back memories of playing on game consoles with other people. That's basically the appeal of Versus Space Battle, an air hockey kind of game but only more futuristic and with ships, space, and all.

Create the best robot team in Transformers: Battle Tactics

If you're still a fan of the Transformers franchise, despite what Michael Bay and company have turned it into, then you will probably enjoy this new turn-based strategy game, now available for Android devices. Transformers: Battle Tactics is nothing like the movies you've been "forced" to watch to pursue your fandom, and is in fact, an enjoyable game that would remind you why you liked the Autobots and even Decepticons in the first place.

Game of Thrones game Episode 2 now out on Android

There's still a few months away before season 5 of the hugely popular Game of Thrones starts on HBO, but until then, you can amuse yourself by either re-watching all episodes of Seasons 1-4. But you've probably done that already, if you're a huge fan of the series. So wouldn't you like to explore a new story and even play a role in it? The Game of Thrones Android game provides you with that opportunity, and now Episode 2 is available for purchase.

1942 Pacific Front brings us back to childhood

This new game 1942 Pacific Front is something I've long been waiting for to come to Android. It's a childhood favorite of mine right on the Nintendo Family Computer. In fact, I saw the game 1941 being played on an arcade game just a couples of weeks ago. And now it's here on Android...finally. Now called as 1942 Pacific Front, this game is a continuation of the old game. Of course, we can expert a better gameplay, visuals, effects, and harder challenges.

Fight viruses in space with Neural Diver: Cyber Defender

When you think of combating viruses, chances are, you would think of the best free anti-virus program that you can download. the last thing you would think of is hiring cyber soldiers to go into space and shoot them into oblivion. But the latter is exactly what you need to do in this brand new Android game called Neural Diver: Cyber Defender.

Run away with the circus in Incredible Circus Remix

At one point in time, a lot of children dream of running away to the circus or with the circus, because our ordinary lives seem so boring compared to the fun and adventure you get to experience with a traveling circus. But of course, very few actually do it. Now, you can virtually be part of the circus in a new Android game called the Incredible Circus Remix.
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