Spectrum is newest abstract, challenging platformer on Android

If you prefer geometric shapes and anonymous characters when playing a mobile game, this new one available for Android devices might capture your fancy. In the tradition of games like Pacman and the classic Nokia game Snake (well, to some extent), Spectrum is a platformer with abstract challenges in an abstract and stylized world, where your character's only motivation is to reach the portal at the end.

Pilot a gun inside a block in Gunbrick platformer puzzle game

In a world where cars are obsolete (we don't really know what that fact has to do with this game, but the developer says so), the only thing standing between you and whatever it is you're trying to do is a few mutants, law enforcement, and other enemies is a new kind of weapon that you need to maneuver. Welcome to the world of Gunbrick.

Crossy Road tries to help the chicken (and others) cross the road

"Why did the chicken cross the road?" is one of the greatest mysteries that humanity has been trying to answer for the past decades. And while this new Android game does not claim to be able to bring answers and closure for the chicken, it does explore all the various possibilities and consequences of this particular course of events for the chicken and its compatriots. Welcome to the world of Crossy Road.

Razer Forge TV hands-on: Android living room gaming levels up

Razer revealed earlier at CES 2015 its own take as Android gaming in the living room with the Forge TV, but its take isn't simply a box or controller that you hook up to a TV and press Play. Razer's idea is more of a whole ecosystem that includes the Forge TV itself, a couple of surprisingly good controllers, and even the software that runs inside. We got to test all of these ourselves to see just how much promise this latest attempt really holds.

N.O.V.A 3: Freedom Edition now available for free on Android

If you're a fan of Gameloft's popular mobile first person shooter game N.O.V.A (Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance), then you'll probably be happy about this news. Almost 3 years after they released the 3rd edition of the game, they are now making it available for free for those who want to immerse themselves in the gameplay and world of N.O.V.A, or want to discover it for the first time.

Biz Builder Delux: practice game for your future business empire

If you've always fancied yourself as a business empire mogul, you can start practicing how you'll be able to manage multiple businesses with all these city building games available out there. A new game that you could practice on is Biz Builder Delux from Japanese developer Kairosoft that explores the popular manager genre but not just with one kind of business, but teaching you to manage multiple ones as well.

Play Android games on your TV with Razer Forge TV mini-console

As much as mobile gaming has definitely relieved us of boredom (as well as productivity) while we're on the go, there are times when you'd want to play those Android games on a much bigger screen to fully appreciate the graphics and the gameplay. Razer, a gaming device and software maker, has come up with an entire gaming ecosystem to make this possible for users, which includes the Razer Forge TV and the Razer Serval gaming controller.

Razer Cortex game launcher will stream games from PC to living room

Razer’s new Forge TV – an Android microconsole for your living room – is grabbing all the headlines at CES 2015, but a new feature that will leverage on the Forge TV being an Android-based TV console (and all Android TV consoles for that matter) will likely blow you away once you realize the potential it brings for gamers. Enter Razer Cortex’s “Stream” function.
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