Battle of Toys is a violent version of Toy Story

What would happen if the toys in your room suddenly came to life? If they're anything like Woody and Buzz, you already know the answer to that. But if you happen to have a collection of battle hardened, heavy armored, and weaponized action figures, well, you've got a problem on your hands. Almost quite literally. Battle of Toys is exactly what its name says: a fight to the finish in miniature doses.

Staying Together game challenges you to unite two lovers

It's Valentine's Eve. Have you planned anything special for your significant other yet? Or if you're single, have you thought of what to do on that day when people are all about mush, hearts, love, and whatever stuff that can make one feeling warm and fuzzy inside? Others may want to barf but let's just be happy for those who are so into the occasion. Because admit it or not, you want to be loved. (Okay, I can imagine you rolling your eyes now...)

Amazon announces latest Free App of the Day Bundle worth $140

Amazon always giving away premium apps for free is not unusual. The company has been very generous when it comes to offering apps and games so it's one deal always looked forward to by Android users. The latest Free App of the Bundle is worth $140 of premium apps from now until February 14 only. The bundle includes 37 paid apps that are now offered for free. Thank you Amazon! This will be one great Valentine weekend for the geeks.

Limbo now out to scare the beejeezus out of Android users

If you think that side-scrolling monochromatic mobile games will not be able to give you nightmares, then maybe you haven't met Limbo yet. The award-winning game has been wrecking lives of console and PC gamers for the past years, and now, it is now ready to scare the crap out of mobile gamers as Limbo is now available for Android smartphones and tablets.

Spongebob has a new Android game based on latest movie

If you still doubt the power of the yellow sponge and his band of merry underwater friends, consider this: the latest Spongebob movie, Sponge Out of Water dethroned American Sniper in the US box-office (and you know, the Bradley Cooper movie is a huge hit). Of course along with a hit movie comes a game to prolong the kids' (and adults too!) enjoyment of the franchise. Get ready for Spongebob: Sponge on the Run, now available for Android devices.

Plants vs Zombies 2 now has a Valentine-themed event

Who says plants and zombies cannot fall in love? Well the mortal enemies might be constantly trying to kill each other on your mobile devices, but at least this Valentine's day, they can show each other how much they really care. The Plants vs Zombies 2 Valenbrainz Hug-a-thon is a themed event that obviously wants to celebrate Valentine's Day for our undead and/or sunshine-loving friends.

Spinner: The Game has three endless levels

A new game app has landed for Android called Spinner: The Game. The game is a "techno arcade experience" that promises to test your skill. The game offers three endless levels with difficulty that gets progressively harder as you move along.

Button Up! is another good, addictive fun puzzle game

Cute as a button. That's how I would describe this new puzzle app called Button Up. The colors and graphics are easy on the eyes but game is a bit confusing at first. I didn't understand the pattern I'm supposed to follow to blast the buttons and drop the yarn initially. Main goal is to drop the yarn in time by creating the perfect pattern. It's not your usual match-the-similar-objects-to-finish-off-a-level because you need to know the correct pattern.

Gunner Z arrives for Android, turret zombie blasting promised

BitMonster, makers of the turret zombie blasting game Gunner Z has now brought that specific game from iOS over to Android, opening up full zombie blasting action for Android users. You might assume you know how a zombie game usually works, but Gunner Z just adds a lot of fun into it.

One Piece Treasure Cruise brings your favorite manga to your phone

Japanese Manga has surely crossed over into American consciousness, with both the graphic novels and its offshoots like OVA (original video animation), anime series, and movies capturing the hearts of its intended market. One of the more popular ones is called One Piece, and it is also now making its way onto the palm of your hand with the release of a game for Android devices called One Piece Treasure Cruise.
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