Save the world from a dark occult in Pixel Heroes: Bytes & Magic

People who've been missing the old school pixel computer games of yesteryears have no cause for complaint now as a lot of games with this theme have been coming out the past few months. A lot of developers have been either remaking or reviving those games, or creating their own tribute games and improving on them using the latest technology. Pixel Heroes: Bytes & Magic is something you will play the heck out of, if this is your kind of thing.

The Frisbee game goes on and on in fun new sequel

If you've always thought of Frisbee as that annoying circular thing that keeps hitting your head while you're relaxing at the beach or at the park, well, we can't really blame you. But if there is no danger of getting a concussion from it, then it's actually a pretty fun way to wile away your time. We're talking about virtual Frisbee by the way, and a sequel to the game is saying that it can actually last forever, and with a part 2 to boot.

Pivot allows one touch arcade gaming, challenges you to get high scores

The trend in mobile game development is to make the challenges out of this world, characters (both heroes and villains) look awesome and more powerful, all while still making gameplay and control more intuitive and the app a possible moneymaker with in-app purchases or banner ads. The key here is to make a smart game that might make the developer rich, if not, inspire others to make similar addicting games.

Slot those blocks in with Bloq Android game

Sometimes, when you want to play a game on your smartphone, you don't need complicated graphics or confusing gameplay just to entertain yourself. All you need is a seemingly simple instruction that will challenge you as the game progresses and may just frustrate you a little bit in order for you to keep going on. Bloq, a new game for Android devices may be the game for you, if what we've just said is your criteria for a great game.

Doom 3, Crysis will be coming to NVIDIA’s SHIELD Android TV

So NVIDIA’s big reveal at the MWC 2015 is an Android TV gaming hub – aptly named the NVIDIA SHIELD (yes, again). This device marks the third time this naming convention has been used for one of NVIDIA’s devices – first for what is now the SHIELD Portable, and then the SHIELD Tablet. But enough of the name, the exciting part is that you’re going to be able to run DOOM 3 and Crysis – yes, freaking Crysis – on the new NVIDIA SHIELD.

The new NVIDIA SHIELD: hands-on with Android TV, gaming style

NVIDIA is once again shuffling names, this time maybe for the last time. The NVIDIA SHIELD moniker once belonged to what is now known as the SHIELD Portable, a standalone gaming handheld that looked like a gamepad with a built-in tablet on top. Now the name is being used, without specification unlike the SHIELD Tablet, to refer to NVIDIA's MWC 2015 surprise: an Android TV device. OK, maybe it's not all too shocking considering the direction it has been going, but it makes the surprise no less pleasant nonetheless.

Save the earth from the aliens in Buzz Killem

War veterans can never really retire from the life, especially when an alien invasion is imminent. That is what our intrepid retired soldier discovers just when he was about to start sitting pretty while fishing. Buzz Killem is the latest game from Noodlecake Games, the developer of the hit game Bill Killem (yes, Buzz and Bill are definitely related) and this time, they're bring their retro-looking arcade platformer to Android smartphones and tablets.

Mortal Kombat coming to Android in April

Some of the newer generation gamers do not understand what the big deal was with Mortal Kombat. The graphics were meh, the gameplay was nothing new – maybe it was the uber-gory fatalities that did the trick. But whatever it was, it made Mortal Kombat a gaming staple for generations (until Street Fighter took over its mantle). So, more nostalgia to come as Warner Bros. Interactive is set to bring Mortal Kombat to Android this April.

Be the King of Thieves in Zeptolab’s latest on Amazon Appstore [UPDATE]

Zeptolab, developer of the very popular and addicting Cut the Rope game, has just released a new game on the Amazon Appstore. King of Thieves is a new game that allows the (un)hero to steal gold, gems, and other shiny things from other players to win the game and become the richest thief. Don't take this game seriously though because the "stealing" and "looting" are all just for fun. It will teach you how to defend your loot and watch out for other thieves getting into the dungeons and traps you designed yourself.
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