8-Bit Crusaders battle to save kidnapped goddesses from the evil witches

Here is another time-waster Role-Playing Game on Android: Crusaders Quest. Watching the trailer takes me back to my childhood days of endless arcade gaming. This one, complete with the music and the pixelated graphics, will remind you of the 90s. It's a new RPG from NHN Entertainment Corp. that allows you to lead 200 heroes and defeat monsters and witches. Goal is to save the kidnapped Goddesses from the forces of evil.

Level Up! Contest of Champions, Game of Thrones, Scrolls

The holidays are barely a stone's throw away, and game studios and publishers are warming up their engines for the upcoming season. This week has seen the release of much awaited games for mobile devices, from point and click adventures games in a grim and rather dysfunctional fantasy world, to the tapping and swiping madness with superheroes and super villains alike, to a less frantic and more thoughtful game of cards, er, scrolls. Welcome to Level Up!, Android Community's weekly games roundup for December 12, 2014.

Checkpoint Champion burns rubber onto Android

Checkpoint Champion is a new game that has launched for Android gamers that puts you behind the wheel of several different cars. The goal of the game is to finish a series of ten second challenges to win the game. Players will weave through checkpoints on asphalt, dirt, water, grass, and mud.

Pump up your adrenaline levels with MMX Racing

Monster trucks are cool but you can't drive one anywhere in the city. Your only chance to drive one is on a mobile game like the MMX Racing. You can customize your own truck to your preference. If not a truck, you can drive a muscle car, pickup, SUV, or jeep. Upgrade every part of your vehicle to achieve the kind of monster you want for racing. MMX Racing will definitely pump up your adrenaline as you try to finish the challenging tracks and courses that will require you to jump a lot.

Android team says 2014 was a good year for entertainment

Year 2014 has been great for Android and the rest of the entertainment industry. Google released the Best Apps and Best Games on Android for 2014 last week. We said it's too early to tell and we didn't know the criteria for choosing the best but folks at Google, particularly the Android team, is so busy right now rounding up things and making lists just before the year ends. Google said 2014 was a big year for entertainment. New addictive games have popped up. More movies, songs, and stories have kept us interested and entertained.

Guide the walking-sleeping people to safety with the Sleepwalkers game

Some fairytales would have the prince wake up the princess to save the kingdom or to defeat the wizard in order to wake up the whole land under a sleeping curse. Then there are those where the hero just has to keep the sleepwalkers sleeping but bring them to safety while evil forces abound. This is basically what you have to do with the new Android game from developer Digital Fairytales, and it's called, well, Sleepwalkers.

Mojang’s Scrolls card-slash-board game launches on Android

When Minecraft makers Mojang announced that it would be making a new game based on a new IP, all eyes were on it. Almost all of those eyes probably rolled when it was revealed to be a card game, which meant somewhat competing with Magic: The Gathering and the more recent Hearthstone from Blizzard. Pushing through adversity, doubt, and a trademark lawsuit from Bethesda (owners of the Elder Scrolls line), Mojang finally releases Scrolls on PCs, Macs, and yes, Android as well.

Pumpex BMX 2 lets you digitally live your biking dreams

If you've always wanted to someday do those ridiculous stunts that you see from your favorite bikers, you can now do so digitally and without hurting a single bone on your body (well, maybe your finger). Pumped BMX was a huge hit back in 2012 and now it's back with an updated edition of the app called, of course, Pumped BMX 2, now available on Android.

Inferno sequel brings bigger, better and badder color explosions

When you hear the word Inferno, what first comes to mind? Does it involve exploding balls of color that meet their end from bad-ass bullets fired from your smartphone? No? Well, that's basically what Inferno is all about and the sequel is more of the same. The twin-stick action-RPG is an award-winning and popular game that is now back with "bigger, better, badder" features and customization options than its predecessor. Welcome to Inferno 2.

TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics game to land on mobile soon

Transformers is one of the most beloved toy franchises in the world and of all time, so it isn't surprising that owner Hasbro would want to bring it to the growing mobile gaming industry as well. Teaming up with game developers ngmoco, the two will be bringing TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics to Android, and iOS, in 2015. But if you're thinking of an action packed game similar to Transformer titles on the PC and consoles, better think again.
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