Smash Rider crashes into Android

A new game called Smash Rider has landed on Google Play this week. This new game challenges players to take the wheel of several different cars in an attempt to evade the police for the longest distance possible. While running from the police, drivers of the virtual cars get to smash into other cars on the road for points.

Land’s End is a gorgeous game for the Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is one of the accessories to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that most tech and gaming junkies are excited about, a virtual reality headset in the mold of the Oculus VR. Virtual Reality has been on a general decline since its heyday in the mid-90s where it was supposed to be the next big thing. Maybe it was really just ahead of its time, as the current technology is now allowing for a better representation of the technology. Evidence to this is “Land’s End” a beautiful VR game designed for the Samsung Gear VR.

Weapons throwing RPG game is what its name says it is

When the developers of one of the newest Android games were thinking of what to name their mobile game, they probably concluded "Heck, why come up with a complicated name when you could just easily have something that is self-explanatory?" Hence, the birth of Weapons throwing RPG (okay, we were just imagining the thought process that went into naming the game, but it works right?) which is exactly what its name suggests it is.

Star Warfare 2: Payback lets you even play as an alien

Star Warfare is back and it's back with a vengeance. Or at least that's what the name implies. But aside from what may seem like a catchy title, this sequel to Star Warfare: Alien Invasion, which is noted to have millions of downloads and a four-star rating, puts a few twists to the tried and tested sci-fi shooter convention.

Internal document leaks release date, pricing of Samsung Gear VR

We’re only waiting for Samsung to officially release the Gear VR in the market. We’ve heard so much about the South Korean giant’s first take on virtual reality headset gaming: the first Gear VR games announced, price is $199, more games by Oculus are being produced, and that early games for the VR will be offered without price tags. What’s missing is the exact release date and we remain clueless until today when an alleged internal company document is leaked.

Nizam Jewel Match3 Magic Duel is not your ordinary Bejeweled game

Don't say this is another bejeweled game because it's not—not quite. There may be tens to hundreds of similar games that let you to match three similar items but this is more relaxing and magical. Relaxing because of the background music being played and magical because magic happens every time you complete the puzzle game.

Thief Lupin 2 hits Google Play

Thief Lupin 2 is the sequel to the highly popular original Thief Lupin game and the second installment is now on Google Play. The original game was ranked #1 in 22 countries and racked up 8 million downloads. The second installment of the game hopes to be even more popular than the first.

Sok and Sao’s Adventure game raises dengue fever awareness

Most games are designed to be entertaining or educational or both, but few carry some social commentary along with them. Sok and Sao's Adventure, a new game that just landed on Android, is one of those, trying to make people aware of the plight of dengue fever-infested areas by, what else, shooting down gigantic mosquitos.

Fruit Ninja: not just your fruit-slicing game anymore

If you've spent countless hours touching your screen in whatever new slice and dice game you're playing, chances are, you owe this skill to Fruit Ninja. The mobile game which came out in 2010 helped change the way we interact with games on our smartphones and tablets. Now, after four years, it is being revamped from the ground up and it's not just the Fruit Ninja that you sliced through before.
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