Final Fantasy: Record Keeper gets massive update

If you're the nostalgic type, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper might appeal to you, or maybe you've actually started playing it. The game allows players to re-live great moments in the Final Fantasy franchise. It's cute little game by developers Square Enix and DeNA that has actually gathered a bit of momentum, and now a big update is coming that will make the game better.

Heroes and Castles 2 updated, now allows cross platform plays

The second iteration of Heroes and Castles was just released a couple of months ago but it's getting an early update to fix some bugs and errors and allow cross platform plays between Android and iOS. A number of changes were also made to the multiplayer engine to allow A more reliable matchmaking. This game is full of enemies and obstacles like goblins, skeletons, and elven archers and as the hero, you need to fight them all to defend the castle.

Why Noodlecake Studios pirated, released its own game on torrent sites

What to do when a game you put up with a premium price isn't selling? Most developers would just offer a discount or lower the price but Noodlecake Studios has done something different. This time, the company decided to pirate it's own game. By piracy we mean uploading a copy of the game to several torrent sites. Yup, the devs have decided to join the pirates in hopes that more people might be interested in the title and actually pay for it.

Help blue creatures get home in Zoombinis, now on Android

If you were a 90s kid who loved playing puzzle games, then you probably came across the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis. And now that mobile gaming is one of, if not the, most prevalent type of playing games, you’d expect a reboot or a remake sooner or later. So yes, now it came sooner. Now just simply titled Zoombinis, this game now on Android is a reimagining of the classic puzzle game, and this time, your goal is to get the little blue guys home.

The Sequence is a unique, complicated puzzle game that will make you go crazy

Initially judging on the preview images, we can say 'The Sequence' is no ordinary puzzle. It's one unique challenge that will require you to find solutions using different modules. All you need to do is to build a sequence using all the special modules available to transfer a binary cell. There are over 50 levels to make you crazy finish-- starting off with simple structures and then progressing into more complex ones.

Fight the evil hordes and be the unstoppable hero in ‘Storm the Train’

'Storm the Train' is another classic side-scrolling game that will make you addicted simply because you are fighting against endless hordes not just of zombies but other different characters from ninjas to robots to fierce bosses that are everywhere. All of them will come running after you, trying to make this epic adventure more challenging than ever with guns blazing and explosives that might go off at any time.
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