Google Play Store growth significant in 2014

A recent report on the growth of app stores was recently released by Appfigures. Numbers in 2014 were explored and analyzed to identify which among the app stores grew in number of apps. The Amazon Appstore, Google Play Store, and the iOS App Store were identified to be the top three app stores in the mobile world today. (Sorry Windows Phone users, Windows Phone Store not included here.)

Stunt Rush 3D Buggy Racing Game lets you steer in air, jump off ramps

Any new arcade racing game is more than welcome. People will never get tired of playing with racing games because each gives a different challenge to the players. The latest to be added to the hundreds probably thousands of racing games on the Play Store is Stunt Rush. It's a 3D racing game that requires survival action skills. Drive several buggy cars and see if you're really a good driver.

Crossy Road hands-on gameplay

With so many games on Google Play Store, the competition is fierce in terms of fighting for popularity. Crossy Roads picks up an old school concept of the retro game Frogger and utilizes the graphics of the popular modern game Minecraft. It looks catchy and has made its way across the Play Store and is catching a lot of attention. Taking on two popular concepts and forging them, seems like the new way to get a shot at fame in the mobile game industry.

Kill zombies whatever way you can with The Bursting Dead

With the huge popularity of the TV adaptation of the comic book series The Walking Dead and more upcoming TV series like iZombie, zombies are still very much a huge thing in pop culture. And they've sort of evolved now from just being the dumb, extreme slowpokes who just want to eat your brains (but yeah, they really do want to eat your brains). Another Android game hopes you'll enjoy killing zombies whatever way you can with The Bursting Dead.

CES 2015 Roundup: Android in full throttle

The dust of CES 2015 has finally settled down, so now we can take a more holistic overview of what went down at the world's largest consumer electronics event. Unsurprisingly, Android is at the center of many of the new, and some old, devices we've seen. But while wearables, particularly smartwatches are still somewhat of a hot topic, we're now seeing Android's growing presence outside of its usual form factors, in particular in cars and in TVs. Join us for Android Community's recap of CES 2015.

Build a fire breathing kingdom with Dragon Mania Legends

Dragons have never really been out of our consciousness, but they've enjoyed a sort of renaissance in pop culture the past years, with the awesome triple threat of dragons in Game of Thrones, then the scary (and mocking) Smaug from The Hobbit movie adaptation. But while those dragons are awe-inspiring, they have nothing on the fierce but adorable ones from Dragonlandia in a new Android game called Dragon Mania Legends.

Help aliens get home in Shuttle Shuffle game for Android

Aliens don't always have to be the enemy, whether in movies (remember E.T.?), on TV shows (some of those alien folks over on V were a bit friendly right?) or even in mobile games. A new fun game for all ages (neither too complicated or too simple) has just been released on Android and us earthlings have a responsibility to take the aliens back to their mothership in Shuttle Shuffle.

LEGO ULTRA AGENTS fight anew against Antimatter in Astor City

There are a lot of LEGO-themed games on the Google Play Store but you don't have to waste your time on all of them. You just need to choose one game or two games to focus on. After the 'LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga', download this LEGO ULTRA AGENTS Antimatter and see what the Ultra Agents are up to in a new base, wearing new gear, and fighting new enemies. The Ultra Agents thought they had already finished the Super Villains wreaking havoc in Astor City but looks like the battle isn't over as the Antimatter has come, ready to use bring more destruction by using powerful henchmen and weapons.

Amazon App Store releases ‘LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga’

Finally, the LEGO Star Wars : The Complete Saga game is now ready for Android. Warner Bros has released the app as we greeted that new year. However, the app is only available on the Amazon App Store, at least for now. It should be downloadable from the Google Play Store soon. Of course, you can always download the app directly from Amazon and install on your phone so you'll understand the gameplay of the very famous Star Wars saga.
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