Slime your way to victory with Ambition of the Slimes

How does it feel be a slime? You'll know when you play a round or two of this new simulation game called Ambition of the Slimes. This is like a classic simulation RPG complete with the pixelated graphics. Game was originally in Japanese because it was developed by Altairworks, a Japanese game application developer. It was recently translated to English so it's only now that the game is gaining more attention outside of the country.

Turn WWE superstars to immortal heroes in new Android game

If you think that what happens on the WWE stage, or rather ring, is already over-the-top and ridiculous, real life has nothing on this new Android game. Not only do your favorite wrestling superstars have super strength, they are actually immortal superheroes. If you're a huge wrestling fan and a mobile combat game enthusiast, then WWE Immortals will be right up your alley.

Gunslugs 2 launches for Android gamers

Fans of the original Gunslugs game on Android will be glad to hear that the second installation in the franchise is now available to download. Gunslugs 2 puts players into a world that is under attack by tanks, spiders, bombs, rockets, aliens, and other bad guys.

Com2uS Dragon Knights: RPG in name, dungeon crawler in deed

Mobile gaming, for all its benefits and strengths, has somewhat diluted the definition of the RPG genre lately. What was once a class of games with rather clear borders have started bleeding into the description of any game that involves a crew of characters with sword and magic. This new Dragon Knights game from Com2uS is one such game that masquerades as an RPG but really comes closer to a dungeon crawler. That said, RPG or not, that doesn't mean that this game can't be fun.

Ustwo releases Monument Valley numbers in an infographic

For someone who loves the game very much, I'm happy to learn that Ustwo, maker of the popular and mind boggling geometric challenge Monument Valley, saw a lot of success with the game. The game developer recently published an infographic showing numbers of official sales, revenue, downloads, upgrades, development costs, most played chapters, and in-game camera usage. The Apple Design Award Winner in 2014 which was also tagged as Appstore's iPad Game of the Year first came to iOS but the beautiful, serene puzzle game quickly came to Android. After a few months, more chapters were added to Monument Valley in an update.

Bust-A-Move Islands brings new stages, free on Android

Classic arcade games will always bring a burst of nostalgia for gamers, especially when you discover that the game you used to play on your classic game consoles or on your desktop has made its way to mobile. One of the more popular match-3 puzzle adventure games was Bust-A-Move, and the newest version of the game, Bust-A-Move Islands is free on Android and an update brings more stages for you to play on your mobile device.

Save the sheep from a grisly death in Flockers

Save the sheep, save the world. Well, at least, win a game. That's the main idea behind the new Android game called Flockers, from the makers of the other addictive game Worms. This time around, the sheep are tired of being caught in the middle (or rather, being used as weapons) in the war of the worms, and you need to help them escape from their cruel masters. Are you up to saving some sheep?

Spoiler Alert lets you uncomplete the game, play in reverse

The main point of playing a game is to finish it. To achieve victory is the ultimate goal of gamers. But with Spoiler Alert, it's very different. This is the first game you'll ever uncomplete. "Finishing" it means to play the game in reverse. All the main character, Chili Pepper Knight, needs to do is go back and meet Mr. Death Bunny, Big Bad Squid, and Lucky Jack the Invader to unfinish the game. Really, there is no pressure because the game had already been beaten. (Huh?!?)

Secret Files Sam Peters goes on a new adventure where mythology meets science

Game developer Deep Silver was quick to make a follow up to the Secret Files Tunguska. A new adventure game entitled "Secret Files Sam Peters" was recently launched offering an interactive mythology adventure game for Android. The short story Secret Files Sam Peters is optimized for a lot of Android-running tablets and smartphones so you don't have to worry if it will play nicely on your mobile device.

Mold On Pizza is a tower ‘offense’ game, with weird ingredients

In every slice of pizza, a microscopic battle rages on far from your sight – mold tries to take over the pizza slice while preservatives try to wipe the mold out. At least, that’s what Korean-based gaming outfit BTNcafe wants you to imagine. Imagine a tower defense game, but this time you get to be the one on attacking the towers. If you can imagine that, you’re on your way.
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