Raid the dungeons, fight legendary bosses in Forsaken World

The popular MMORPG series whose gameplay video we saw last year is now finally mobile. Fans of 'Forsaken World' will be happy to know that the game is ready for Android. It's another world of epic adventure when you can see and experience fantasy, myth, and legend all together in one place. This PC game now turned into a mobile MMORPG is expected to take up most of your time. You may not want to stop playing until you finish the game and journey through the entire Forsaken World.

Episode 5 of Telltale’s Game of Thrones now out on Android

If you’re suffering through Game of Thrones withdrawal, ever since the 5th season ended last month, then you’d have to be content with playing official games based on the show and books, since the 6th season will show next year. But if you’ve been following Telltale Games’ mobile game series that is set in Game of Throne’s Westeros as well, then you’d be happy to know that the 5th episode, called A Nest of Vipers, has now come out on game consoles and on Android devices as well.

Old murder-mystery ‘Gabriel Knight: Sins of Fathers’ now on Android

'Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers' was a popular point-and-click adventure game back in the 90's. Two decades later, the title has found its way to the Android market. The game still features Gabriel Knight, a bookstore owner and author wannabe. He's investigating a series of killings in New Orleans. Knight feels the murders are connected to some sinister mysteries.

Shoot as many stupid zombies as you can in Stupid Zombies 3

It may deal with the evil undead too, but this new Android game is definitely not your sweet and sometimes cute Plants vs Zombies that you’re used to. Stupid Zombies 3 has the same purpose and that is to eliminate the zombies and survive the undead apocalypse, but this time in a more “realistic” (well, as realistic as you can get wit mythical and hypothetical monsters) manner. And this time too, you get to practice your mobile game shooting skills to get rid of these stupid zombies.

Find the missing tiles, finish every puzzle in Socioball

In the same fashion as the 3D model style of Monument Valley, the Socioball is another puzzle game that can take the wits out of you. Not all games are this interesting and addictive even if you know you can't easily finish some puzzles or levels. This Yellow Monkey Studios game is another free to play game that we can say is worth a few hours of your life.

SHIELD Portable receives Android 5.1 Lollipop update

Another update was just released for the NVIDIA SHIELD Portable. This is just an optional update but it upgrades the gaming device to Android 5.1. Lollipop. We already mentioned it arriving a few months ago but it's only now that the company rolled out the latest version.

Plan traps and summon monsters in ‘Sybil: Castle of Death’

How many mobile games will make you fear the face of death? 'Sybil: Castle of Death' is no ordinary strategy game as the horror and black comedy theme will make you think twice if you really want to play it or not. If you're not used to such kind of dark strategy-tower defense game, don't play this or else you will have nightmares you won't forget. The graphics alone are enough to scare you.

‘Earthcore: Shattered Elements’ is one real dark fantasy card battle game

If you're an avid card battle gamer and want a new title to try, consider 'Earthcore: Shattered Elements'. The title itself gives us an idea that this one will use up your imagination, creativity, and strategizing skills. This game offers too many tactical opportunities that will really test your patience and intellect. To finish the game, you need to make sure that you're prepared by carefully thinking of a strategy in this complex yet fun collectible card game (CCG).

Here’s how to get that rare, Galaxy S6-exclusive Hearthstone card

More good news for you Hearthstone addicts out there. Aside from ‘The Grand Tournament’, the second expansion of the game coming really soon, you can now get the new rare card from Galaxy Gifts even if you're not a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone owner. You see, this particular card is hard to get so I'm pretty sure that fans like you are really bummed that it's kind of exclusive for Samsung device owners.

Hearthstone busting out a second expansion called ‘The Grand Tournament’

Once again, Blizzard is keeping interest alive in its premium collectible card battle game Hearthstone by coming out with a 2nd expansion this August. Hearthstone is easily one of the most popular card battle games around, and there are a LOT of those on Android. Blizzard gained Android traction when it finally made the game available to Android devices with smaller screens, such as smartphones. And now, a new expansion set – with new cards and gameplay elements – to reel you in.
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